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Something is brewing for South Korean singer CL, 26, who has been seen out and about in the United States where she is pursuing a solo career after her band 2NE1 were dissolved last year. It could be her long-awaited American debut solo album, which has been several years in the making. Or she could be announcing a solo concert tour. Whatever it is, she is not ready to say more about it, though.

In town on Thursday for Ion Orchard’s eighth-anniversary celebrations, CL says in English: “I have something ready, that’s going to be announced soon. But I can’t tell you right now. I’ll be busy very soon.”

Her fans can only wait and see what their idol has in store. One thing is for certain is when the time comes for the big reveal, the K-pop chameleon will dazzle with her fashion-forward choices. At a press conference, CL wore a bustier outfit and heeled sandals that coiled around her legs like vines.

“I love dressing up and it is kind of connected to what I do. I love dressing up for my stage. It is a way to express myself,” says CL, whose real name is Lee Chae Rin.

She adds that she can get fixated on particular accessory or clothing item. “If I am into one thing, like hats, then I will just shop for that for the whole season. Maybe I’m not a shopaholic, but maybe a little bit. I think all girls are. Or boys too.”

The media session was held on the 56th level of Ion Orchard, where journalists and guests were given a preview of the observation deck Ion Sky, which will be revamped and unveiled later this year. South Korean singer-actor Yook Sung Jae was also present at the session. He will perform at tonight’s ION8ight Anniversary Fashion Concert. Yook, 22, says he is into shopping and fans may just spot him around Orchard Road on this visit here. He did not have the chance to do so the last time around when he was in Singapore with his boyband BtoB a few years ago.

He says through a translator: “I am interested in fashion. I love shopping and I know Singapore is a shopping haven. I am very interested in Orchard Road.

“I am very sad that I didn’t get the chance to visit Orchard Road the last time I came because of our busy schedule. This time, I have some free time, so I am really looking forward to going around.”

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