Located on Yanqi Island, Sunrise Kempinski Hotel in Beijing looks like an alien installation, but also remarkably like a natural feature in the landscape. 

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The haven is only one hour’s drive from Beijing’s city centre.

Designed by Shanghai Huadu Architect Design Co., the hotel embodies the shape of the rising sun (hence the name) and symbolises harmony, unity and infinity. From a side angle view, the hotel building is shaped like a scallop which represents “fortune” in the Chinese culture. The front view is that of the rising sun – symbolic of the fast-developing economy of China.

The hotel – which opened in mid-November, 2014 – is situated in the heart of Yanqi Lake which is a beautiful scenic site located at the foot of the Yan Mountains, surrounded by a variety of attractions including the Mutianyu Great Wall, Hongluo Temple, Qinglong Gorge and Baiquan Mountain.

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The destination comprises a total of 14 hotels, with 14,069 square metres of meeting space, a conference centre, 14 spas, a private marina and a nine-storey pagoda.


 There are 14 restaurants and bars, although this all-day dining spot out does look a bit generic.

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The luxury hotel has 306 guest rooms and suites spread across 21 floors, required two years of work with more than 9,300 construction workers.

Sunrise Kempinski Hotel In Beijing Is One You Must Visit

 Combining the horizontal and vertical frames, the lantern-shaped system is a structure that can withstand up to a level-eight earthquake, but also creates the “sunrise” element of the building.

The hotel is marketed as a leisure and MICE destination; activities available nearby include water sport, golfing, horseback riding and skiing. We give it the Female mag thumbs up, because the place looks pretty incredible, and also feels like it’s a lucky spot to be.

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