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Premium Australian tea brand T2 has just launched its latest CNY collection that consists of a wide range of Chinese teas and teaware, specially curated for the festive season’s feasting and gifting. From reunion dinners to catch-ups with close friends, the brand’s array of teas are great with traditional Chinese dishes and best served in gorgeous T2 teaware. Here, the ones to get.

#1: Lunar New Year Limited Edition Teas

tea gifts
From left: China Lychee, $20 and Treasures of the East, $35

In a gold and red packaging, the brand’s limited edition teas include China Lychee and Treasures of the East. It has a winning combination of Keemun and lychee fruit, the former having a blend of floral sweetness from the Chinese black tea with the aroma of the exotic fruit. The flavoured black tea is a lighter option that is perfect on its own or can also be paired with any snack. For something more traditional, the Treasures of the East set is made with a trio of Chinese flavours – Grand Yunnan (black tea), China Jasmine (green tea) and Ti Kuan Yin (oolong tea).

#2: Classic Chinese Teas

tea gifts
From left: Pai Mu Tan, $18), Dong Ding Oolong, $57), Pi Lo Chun, $28 and Buddha’s Tears, $46

Light dishes such as the raw fish and shredded vegetables in yu sheng partner perfectly with a delicate white tea like Pai Mu Tan, while the the Dong Ding Oolong mellows out richer flavours. In need of a cleanse after all the feasting? Opt for Pi Lo Chun or the divine and calming Buddha’s Tears, which are both rare and highly-prized green teas that are best served on their own.

#3: Luxury Teaware Gifts

tea gifts
From left: Tamago Gata Egg Cast Iron Teapot, $250, Gold Pineapple Teapot, $100 and Charley Harper Lady Bug Tea for One, $90

The luxurious Tamago Gata Egg Cast Iron Teapot is a unique option for cast iron aficionados. The Gold Pineapple Teapot is shaped like a pineapple and makes for a quirky centerpiece in any home. For that friend who loves spending her weekend afternoons with a book and a cup of tea, the collectible Charley Harper Lady Bug Tea for One set is ideal as it comes with beautifully illustrated prints. Bonus: It’s super Instagram-worthy too.

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