the analog vault singapore store
Cultivating creative energy is the aim here.

It’s not often that a store like The Analog Vault comes along. Its mission is simple: To champion slowly-disappearing forms of media consumption – namely, the vinyl and the paperback – in a 300 sq ft space that’s part gentleman’s club, part genteel library with raw, concrete walls and polished wooden floors.

the analog vault vinyls
In the Vinyl Vault, find a collection of highly sought after and rare vinyls and test pressings.

The store is the brainchild of vinyl records seller Vinylicious Records; book retailer The Arkhivist, and independent magazine retailer Magpie Magazines. Quality is paramount here, which is why its used, new and rare records (which spans across multiple genres like rock, jazz and classical), alongside obscure books and international titles on music, arts, lifestyle, design and culture, are all handpicked by the curatorial team.

the analog vault sharon seet and eugene ow yong
Curators Sharon Seet (left) and Eugene Ow Yong (right) want The Analog Vault to serve as a space for vinyl and literature enthusiasts to mingle and exchange ideas.

Also in the works: Plans to hold intimate whisky and jazz sessions with customers. Says Eugene Ow Yong, co-founder of Vinylicious Records: “We want it to be an immersive experience for the consumer… a place where you can feel at home.” #02-13 Esplanade Mall


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