The building’s about to be demolished (yes, we need another mall/condo), so it makes sense that the theme of the last art show to be held The Mill is Destruction and Rebirth.

Demolition Art

 Image by Geraldine Kang

Over three weekends starting January 31 (see full program here), The Mill and creative collective WeJungle embark on an initiative to celebrate beauty amidst chaos – through the charming old bones of an iconic building that has emerged as a creative symbol in a volatile world of creation and destruction. The Mill used to house an art gallery and, as recently as December 2015, played host to the launch of Haig Whisky – attended by David Beckham, no less. We are sad to see the building go.

Demolition Art 8

 Installation by Nakayama Yuta

So from Jan 31 – Feb 14, artists, musicians, designers, creators and innovators will come together over the course of three weekends at this soon-to-be-demolished building to tease out tensions, moments and scenes specifically within the space and frame between the two seemingly opposing forces. 

Demolition Art 6

 Marcel Heijnen 3 by Marcel Heijnen

This list of artists: WeJungle, Nakayama Yuta, Jason Lim, Tang Ling Nah (with Xinyan Wu, Faye Lim, Jereh Je Leung, Bernice Lee and Kai Eng), Jacqueline Soo, Thomas Cheong, Lai Chee Kian, Marcel Heijnen, Geraldine Kang, Panagiotis Kotsidas + Miro Roman, Yan Yun Chen, Leonard Yang, Joseph Tan, Aqilah Hassan, Ryan Lee, Ka’A, RSCLS, Ceno 2, Ee Shaun, The Good Citizen, Andrew Gurnett, Daniela Beltrani, Leo Poloniecki, Elena Di Bari, Palita and Oormila.   Demolition Art 4.

 I’m-Mortal by Daniela Beltrani

The DJs providing auditory pleasures include The Diarists, Tom Shellsuit, KiloWatt Soundsystem, Ramesh, Wobology, Deborah Rolls, Submerge, Raeburn, HEARTOFGLASS and Mugic Soundsystem.

Demolition Art 9

One that caught our eye is Speakeasy (Feb 8, Sunday 6.30pm), where Bangladeshi migrant workers will be performing their original poetry, with translations read by local poets.

Demolition Art 5

 Nouvelles by Ka’A

Yes, there will be food and drinks by A for Arbite, Artistry, A Juicery and Chef Federico Pinzi.

When: From Jan 31 – Feb 14.

Where: The Mill, 5 Jalan Kijang

This event is free. More info here.

Demolition Art 2