The 36 Hours Asia & Oceania ebook by New York Times pretty much has all the tips and tricks you need for a weekend around the region.

Travel 36 Hours Guide Nyt

We know the New York Times is a great resource for travel hacks and hip spots. Its weekly 36 Hours series (36 Hours in Phnom Penh, 36 Hours in Seattle) condenses all the important places you should visit, or as they put it: “Where to go when you’ve got only a weekend to get to know a city.” And now all of its Asian and Oceania destinations have been compiled into one easy-to-use ebook.

Travel With 36 Hours Guide 2

 You can globetrot from Mumbai to Melbourne, from Kyoto to Kolkata and still never have enough time to do everything – there are 60 itineraries in all.

Travel With 36 Hours Guide 3

 It’s designed for the iPad and iPhone, so you can call a venue with just one touch, or save contacts as well.

The guide comes with Google Maps, you’re not going to be lost whether it’s around the mangrove swamps of Brisbane or a kampung in Penang. Just don’t forget your passport. Only US$11.99 (S$16), available at the iBookstore.