Mention Scandinavia and certain things come to mind: a wintry landscape replete with natural visages, the aurora borealis, and the hygge philosophy which has since grown into a global phenomenon.

American actor Daniel Henney is one of Tumi’s ambassadors

But the Nordic region has also long been distinguished for an aesthetic that leans towards the spare — a simple yet perfectly functional minimalism, if you will. The same words could be applied towards Tumi, known for its reliable, technologically-advanced bags and luggages — and the luxury travel and lifestyle label taps on Scandinavian design as a home base for its Fall 2018 collection.

The Scandinavian inspiration is  abundantly clear in certain models, such as the 19 Degree Aluminum range, which features prints and colours reminiscent of an autumnal landscape.

But while Tumi might have made its reputation on its reliable bags, the brand’s general manager, Adam Hershman, says they’re paying a lot more attention to trends these days. An example? Cue the cute camera bags and fanny packs — which deftly blends Tumi’s signature functionality with the impossible-to-escape fanny pack trend.

Voyageur Mariel Hip bag

And for the free-spirited Eat Pray Love types, backpacks are a key highlight of the season at Tumi. Says Hershman: “It’s become acceptable to wear a backpack with almost anything and it really meets the needs of today’s modern traveller — it’s hands-free, so it doesn’t impede using one’s smartphone.” We hardly need add that backpacks are also highly ergonomic.

Voyageur Bryce backpack


Voyageur Dori backpack

It’s not hard to imagine that feminine types will take easily to these backpacks, especially when the Voyageur series (pictured above) are Tumi’s signature lightweight line, being fashioned out of nylon.

The Tumi Fall 2018 collection is available now in stores and online