It’s not really a stretch to say that most people want — and expect — a lot more these days — everything from our mobile phones to even the way we’re eating (no gluten! more protein! soy milk please!).

But somewhere along the way, something’s got to give — unless you come across the rare exception that ticks off all the right boxes — in which case we suggest you get on it ASAP.

One such contender? Tumi‘s newly launched Latitude hard-shell collection, which the brand touts as its lightest yet. Exactly how light are we talking? At a media preview, I could personally lift up an empty model with one finger.

And while one might assume the luggage’s trim weight might mean that performance is sacrificed for portability, that’s not the case here — the Latitude range is crafted from what the brand calls Self-Reinforced Poly-Propylene.

FYI, it’s also the same material that’s used in sporting equipment, body armour and within the auto industry, so I think we can agree that it’s incredibly durable — and made even more so when many sheets of the material are layered together as Tumi has done with the Latitude collection. The end result is that the luggage flexes and bends when under pressure (those careless baggage handlers!) instead of snapping or being dented.

Clever — and also crucial, seeing how often people travel these days. With September being as especially important month in fashion — industry folks have to attend hundreds of shows across various cities — the Latitude collection’s sleek ridged design is a much-appreciated bonus on top of its other virtues.

The collection comes in three fool-proof colours (Black, Navy and Silver) and three sizes (two check-ins and one carry-on) that retail between S$1,090 – $1,490. It hits Tumi stores and website this month.