While Artbox may seem like any other heartland pasar malam, what we’re drawn to is the Insta-worthy landscaping, food and activities that virtually checks every box on a millennial’s wishlist.

Here, we suss out the non-basic things to do there:

#1: Arcade games

If food and walking isn’t your idea of fun, check out the plethora of arcade games available.
The best part? The containers are housed in are air-conditioned, comfort which means it’s
basically a safe haven from the elements.

#2: Funfair games

With old-school funfairs are becoming an increasing rarity in Singapore these days, you get
to reminisce the yesteryears with the bumper cars, pirate ship, carousel, game booths and
many more at the venue.

#3: VR challenge

Take this opportunity to challenge yourself with this VR game (you will be immersed in a scenario 50 storeys high) and if you can hold off the vertigo, you might walk away with some prizes.


#4: Socially-conscious shopping

Since you’re bound to spend money at Artbox, why not indulge in some guilt-free shopping
and support these retailers that give back to society.

#5: Vintage car photobooths

A photobooth in a vintage vehicle? This combination cannot scream ‘hipster’ any louder.

#6: Foam pit

We bet everyone’s inner child loves a good ball pit, so for a change this time, why not try this foam pit? To enter, you just need to spend a minimum of $20 using any cashless payment method. P.s. the place is air-conditioned too (thank goodness).