valentine's day

#1: Be comfortable

valentine's day
Prada silk pyjama set, €1,480 (S$2,417),

Take a break from the gruelling daily routine and allow yourself a bit of luxury with some lush pyjamas. Most of us spend our days not getting enough sleep, so this is the perfect time to indulge yourself with some much-needed ZZZs. Or, just lounge around watching movies, doing nothing, baking cookies, whatever – just make sure you feel like a queen while donning some ultra-lavish and comfy PJs.

#2: Read

valentine's day
Juniper Books Harry Potter Trunk Set, US$275 (S$366),

Reading is one hobby that virtually all of us simply cannot find the time for these days, so why not take the chance and snuggle in with your favourite books? Whether it’s that novel you’ve been dying to finish or your fondest childhood storybook, choose something that you’ll enjoy and be able to relax with – remember to prep your fluffiest pillows and cosiest blankets, of course.

#3: Mediate

valentine's day
Maison Kitsuné mint candle, $101,

Meditation has been getting a lot of hype recently, and for good reason – it has been known to reduce stress, increase self-awareness, control anxiety, improve concentration, benefit physical and emotional health, slow ageing…the list goes on. Take just a few minutes to practice it – a free meditation app like Headspace is a good place to start – and try to make it a habit eventually. Lighting a candle with a scent you love can help enhance the experience too.

#4: Journal

valentine's day
Mindfulness Journal, $44.90, Kikki.K

Remember the days when we were tweens and teens and spent our time writing feverishly in our diaries about friends, boys and everything in between? We might have grown out of the habit as we got older, but maybe it’s time to get back to it. Take some time to really evaluate your life – the goals you’ve accomplished, the ones you have not, the dreams you’re still chasing and anything else you would like to pen down. This can give you some clarity into your life as you take some time to reflect and ponder about your journey and achievements so far.


#5: Tea-time

valentine's day
Ette Tea Ice Kacang Tea, $26, Robinsons

We often consume our coffee or tea in a rush in the morning, while scrambling to get to work. Make it different this time by carving out some time to really sit back and relax with a hot, soothing beverage. The benefits of tea are endless – it can promote weight loss as a low-calorie drink, it is good for your digestive system and it can reduce your risk of health problems like heart attack or stroke. Go for your favourite flavour or be adventurous and try something completely different, like this Ice Kacang-flavoured one.

#6: Soak in a bath

valentine's day
Lush bath bomb, $12

There is possibly nothing more relaxing and comforting than a warm, long soak in the bathtub. Get a luscious bath bomb, bath soak or bath salt and pair with a good book or magazine, some wine and maybe even a curated playlist and you’re all ready for a restful evening. To take it up a notch, give yourself a body scrub as well so your skin will be super smooth and soft.

#7: Give yourself a facial

valentine's day
FAB Hello FABulous Skin set, $58, Sephora

We’re talking everything here – massage, cleansing, moisturising, exfoliating, masks, scrubs, steams. Extend it even to your hair, if you’d like. You don’t have to splurge a ton at an expensive spa (though you totally could if you want to), because creating your own spa at home is just as doable.

#8: Music

valentine's day
Sudio leather headphones, US$103 (S$137),

Another sure-fire way to relax your mind and body is to listen to your favourite artists, albums or playlists. The best part is you have the freedom to pick the mood as you like – whether it’s soothing classical music, top pop bangers or indie-rock. Play it on a speaker, or listen with a pair of good quality headphones if you really want to immerse yourself in the music. Dance around. Do nothing. It’s all up to you.


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