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#1: Free design films for the visually-obsessed

If you’re in need of some serious design inspiration, acclaimed filmmaker Gary Hustwit, the design world’s go-to documentarian, has been screening all of his works for free worldwide. The selection changes each week (last week’s was Rams, the documentary on design world legend Dieter Rams) and this week’s screening will be of Workplace, which covers how design for office spaces – something we’re all missing right now – is translated into reality.

Catch the screening of Workplace here.

#2: Catch up on art with the Singapore Art Museum

Joining the global movement of museums digitising their exhibitions, you can now take your time to slowly explore Singapore Art Museum’s past exhibits or to go on virtual tours around some of its blockbuster pieces shown during previous Singapore Biennales that you might have intended to catch but never got around to doing so. Now you truly have no excuse.

Check it out here.  

#3: An electronic music gig with heart

Cult music promoters Revision Music is putting on a live-stream this Friday night treating you to four hours of house, electronica, hip hop, soul and many more genres. The live-streaming is free of course, but the organisers are hoping to point people to donate to women’s rights organisation Aware as well. Just for context: Aware has received over 600 phone calls requesting for help last month, reportedly its highest ever. Yes, staying at home may simply mean finding ways to keep entertained, but for others, it may mean being cooped up in dangerous, abusive situations.

Tune in here this Friday, April 17, from 9pm onwards

#4: Netflix film party

As a country with one of the highest per capita cinema attendances in the world, we’ve all felt the (temporary) closure of cinemas exceptionally hard. While this might not exactly recreate the experience of going to the theatre with friends, the Singapore Film Society has holding watching parties where like-minded film fans can watch films together on Netflix and discuss them after. Yeah, you could always watch them alone as per usual – but why not give ‘communal’ screening parties a go? Check out the Instagram post above for details on how to join the viewing party.

The next screening takes place on Netflix on April 17, 10pm – and it’s John Krasinki’s A Quiet Place.

#5: Virtual Queer Trivia Night

If you love trivia nights, don’t miss out on Proutapp’s popular ones (they’re often sold out). This is their debut virtual night and P.S., not all questions are queer-related. To take part, WhatsApp +65 92987139 with the name of your team, the number of persons (4 to 6 per group), and as the organisers put it, “be prepared for a night of laughter and maybe some tears”.

April 16, 7pm

Cover Photo Deng Guoyuan’s Noah’s Garden II (2016), courtesy of the Singapore Art Museum