Women’s Tales is an ongoing series of unique, short films, commissioned by Miu Miu, and directed by today’s most distinctive female filmmakers. They invent beautiful, strange worlds inhabited by women’s idiosyncratic imaginations.

Here are the eight films that have been created. (The ninth, De Djess by Alice Rohrwacher will air on Feb 18 and yes, we will screen it here).

No.1  The Powder Room by Zoe Cassavetes

No.2  Muta by Lucrecia Martel

 No.3  The Woman Dress by Giada Colagrande

No.4  It’s Getting Late by Massy Tadjedin

 No.5  The Door by Ava DuVernay

No.6  Le Donne della by Vucciria Hiam Abbass

No.7 Spark and Light by So Young Kim

No.8  Somebody by Miranda July