1. Check out Lasalle’s first digital fashion show

Fembuoyant! by Lasalle graduand Samuel Xun.

With the recent men’s Spring/Summer 2021 and haute couture Fashion Weeks going largely digital, with some very startling results – see Loewe’s highly imaginative “show-in-a-box” concept – this pandemic has forced everyone to re-evaluate how they create and consume fashion. In lieu of its traditional graduation show, Lasalle College of The Arts has put together a digital runway titled ‘Society of the Spectacle’showcasing the works of 17 BA(Hons) Fashion Design and Textiles students – filmed entirely on campus as well as Pasir Panjang Power Station after the circuit breaker period. Having previewed some of the students’ works here, we can only say the collections are extraordinary, despite the odds.

Catch the show live here at 5pm today.

2. Tune in to Kin Leonn’s new set

Ambient composer Kin Leonn appeared Female’s June 2019 issue. Photo: Alif Ibrahim

Ambient sensation Kin Leonn will be playing an introspective set for ArtScience Museum’s signature ‘Late’ performance series. For the unacquainted, his work can be described as dream-like tapestries of classic and experimental instruments spanning the piano to Korg Minilogue synthesisers. For this new set performed from his living room, he drew on improvised material and rearranged pieces from his highly acclaimed debut album, Commune.

The set will be made available on YouTube from 10am today. Tune in at 9pm tonight on Facebook for a Q&A session with the composer. 

3. Head to the cinema

the projector reopens films cinema
Never Rarely Sometimes Always. Photo: The Projector

Local cinemas got the go-ahead to reopen this week (finally!) and we’re most excited to be returning to independent joint The Projector after a four-month absence. Among our top picks: the deeply intimate and poignant coming-of-age drama Never Rarely Sometimes Always, whose lead actress Talia Ryder was the cover star of our April 2020 issue and very much an up-and-comer to watch. Others to bookmark include the much-anticipated Train to Busan sequel as well as German film maestro Werner Herzog’s latest surreal masterpiece – a meta look at Japan’s rent-a-family industry.


4. Support an all-women art festival

Beloved local theatre company T:>Works (formerly known as TheatreWorks) is presenting an extensive virtual festival celebrating the lived experiences from a wide range of women. Titled ‘Festival Of Women: N.O.W. 2020’, there’s plenty on offer, including the company’s popular 24-hour playwriting competition, a spotlight on little-heard narratives such as transnational divorce stories from migrant women as well as a discussion among female musicians from Singapore’s punk scene. Intrigued? Check out the full line-up of events here.

Festival Of Women: N.O.W. 2020 takes place from July 15 to August 2.

5. Get this book

The planet’s climate crisis has unfortunately taken a back seat to the coronavirus – but for those who want a fresh perspective on this vast issue, this newly launched title, Eating Chilli Crab in the Anthropocene, from local publisher Ethos Books promises to do so. (P.S. The “anthropocene” in the title refers to the current geological age in which we live, which scientists have named after humans due to our outsized effects on the climate and the environment.)

Ethos Books say this is the first title to examine how familiar aspects of Singapore life and culture are intimately intertwined with the environment – and yes, eating chili crabs is one of them. The main goal of the book is to banish the usual stereotypes that sustainability and the environment are distant phenomenons far off in the future or mostly to do with scientists or policymakers. Nope, it’s here and now – and you just might not see the invisible connections. But as the publisher puts it, “the truth is that everything is environmental, from transportation to taxes, work to love, cities to cuisine.”

Get the book here.