Shiseido’s White Lucent skincare range

Aesthetic procedures like lasers, IPL and collagen-boosting injections have gained popularity over the years. However, this may not be a viable option for everyone (due to potentially high costs, extensive downtime and side effects such as skin sensitisation).
Japanese beauty brand Shiseido’s response to this need? Incorporate aesthetic brightening into a home care routine, named White Lucent. Launched last year, the products, which include a skin softener, serum, night lotion and night cream, promise to be gentle on skin.  They also contain the brand’s PROApproachx2 brightening technology, which targets and prevents pigmentation spots to help you achieve a crystal-clear complexion.
This year, two exciting new products from Shiseido complete the range:the White Lucent All Day Brightener N SPF 50+/PA++++ and White Lucent OnMakeup Spot Correcting Serum.

Shiseido White Lucent skincare set

It used to be that skin brightening ingredients were used only at night. No longer. The brand-new White Lucent All Day Brightener N SPF50+/PA++++ ($85) is formulated for daytime-use to keep skin brightening action going around the clock.
SAKURAResist Technology inhibits pigmentation and keeps dark spots from forming. At the same time, a Timed Delivery Capsules system releases whitening ingredients and antioxidants to the epidermis layer of skin at regular intervals to combat potential damage caused by environmental pollution and UV exposure, as well as help repair skin. SPF50+ offers additional protection, while micro pearl powders bounce off light rays so that skin appears naturally clear and translucent.
Apply this after your cleanser and softener.

Shiseido White Lucent skincare set

The White Lucent OnMakeup Spot Correcting Serum ($55), meanwhile, has been designed to be used over makeup.
This tinted product, which is available in three shades, looks like a concealer but is in fact a powerful serum with brightening and anti-pigmentation properties. Containing the same SAKURAResist Technology as the White Lucent All Day Brightener N SPF50+/PA++++, it targets the appearance of dark spots while a whitening ingredient, dubbed 4MSK, enhances product penetration into the deeper layers of the skin and helps to diminish the appearance of dark spots. Even when used over makeup, the serum blends effortlessly with foundation and precisely locates dark spots to deliver targeted brightening action.
The slim, pen-like product is designed for portability, while the translucent brush head is comfortably soft on contact with the skin. A twist mechanism dispenses the optimal amount of product on each use. To deal with stubborn pigmentation, simply brush the serum onto the problem area and use your fingertips to gently dab product into the skin.

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