Why Now Is The Time To Visit Cuba 1 Why: There are many reasons, but mostly it’s about timing. The US has just initiated some diplomatic relations with Cuba (after over 50 years of discord), and while it might not mean McDonald’s and Starbucks are setting up outlets yet, why not go now when there’s a buzz already?

Why Now Is The Time To Visit Cuba 3

Cuba is famous for its musical heritage – inspired by West African and European traditions – as well as killer mojitos. Old Havana (a Unesco World Heritage site) is being revitalised with new shops and restaurants (O’Reilly 304 offers great gin cocktails and ceviche, while tapas bar El Chanchullero is happening and overlooks the Plaza del Cristo – currently being restored.)

Why Now Is The Time To Visit Cuba 2

You can easily find deluxe colonial accommodation, as well as jazz bars and ubiquitous ’50s cars seemingly out of a time capsule. Want a motorbike journey like one Che Guevara famously embarked on? His son Ernesto owns La Poderosa Tours, and sometimes leads the trips himself. How’s that for history?

When: 330 days of sunshine, but January is coldest.

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