1. Good films on demand

If you’re still not yet familiar with them, Anticipate Pictures is one of Singapore’s best independent film distributors – they’re the ones responsible for bringing to Singapore cinematic gems such as Portrait Of A Lady On Fire, Suspiria, The Killing Of A Sacred Deer and a lot more. As a very small and independent outfit, they’ve turned to streaming their well-curated library of works on online platforms such as iTunes and Vimeo, where you can either rent a film for 48 hours (at $6.99, it’s way cheaper than a movie ticket) or buy it outright for only $13.99.

Check out the full list of available films here – it’s an ongoing list that is constantly updated

2. “Come Together” exhibition at Fost Gallery

The spirit of collaboration and community has never been more important than now, especially when we’re all sequestered. In that light, Fost Gallery‘s new exhibition, Come Together, has gathered 12 artists to initiate dialogue within the community. Some of these artists have never even met before, but each of them has selected a work they resonate with from another artist within the group and went on to explain why they like the other’s works. It’s a simple yet brilliant idea to display camaraderie working around the constraints we’re all facing now.

Come Together is available for viewing online from now till June 28

3. Wild At Home

Beloved local theatre company Wild Rice is transferring some of its most well-known hits, including Emily of Emerald Hill, to their YouTube channel for easy watching. Each play will be available – for free – for a week. If you’ve never caught any of their plays before, well, now you have no excuse. The company is also planning to upload more works from their repertoire shortly, so stay tuned by following their Instagram account.

Catch Emily of Emerald Hill on Friday, April 24, at 7.30pm here

4. Catch Weish of .Gif live

Seminal indie-electronic duo .gif drops its much anticipated second album, Hail Nothing, today and we’re very excited to have Weish, one half of the act, to be debuting tracks from the album with Female tonight at 9pm. Be there.

Check out Weish’s live set on Female’s Instagram page, tonight at 9pm

5. An Oscar winner debuts a new documentary for Earth Day

Earth Day may officially be over, but for those who are serious about committing to the environmental cause, it’s never truly over. Acclaimed Oscar-winning filmmaker Michael Moore (you’ve probably heard of his documentaries Bowling For Columbine and Fahrenheit 9/11) has just dropped a brand new documentary cleverly titled Planet of the Humans on YouTube for free.

While he’s not the director here (Moore is the executive producer), the documentary is refreshing in the sense that it exposes many of the fallacies behind the eco-movement – at one point, a concert dedicated to Earth Day and supposedly ran on 100 per cent sustainable power sources was exposed – it ran almost entirely on conventional fossil fuel-based generators instead of the flashy solar panels that turned out to be just for show.

A central point the documentary tries to reinforce is that many segments of the green movement have been co-opted by big corporations for their own positive PR purposes – so while it feels nice to read about a brand launching some sustainability initiative, it pays to pause and think critically on what really goes on behind-the-scenes.

Planet of the Humans is currently available for viewing on YouTube here

Main Image: Portrait Of A Lady On Fire. Copyright Lilies Films, provided by Anticipate Pictures