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They’re the folks who brought films on Yves Saint Laurent and Raf Simons to local screens. This time around, three fashion-centric flicks (out of eight films in the line-up) will make their Asian premieres, featuring some of the most iconic fashion figures of our time. The best part? You can rent or buy the films online once the festival opens on September 3-4 (more screenings will run from Sep 9-11). Below, take a look at the fashion flicks to catch:

#1: Yohji Yamamoto | Dressmaker


What it’s about: The Japanese designer is one of the fashion industry’s biggest stalwarts, and this hour-long documentary brings us an intimate look into his creative inspirations.


Why catch it: Besides going back to his roots (Yamomoto himself will take you on a tour of the neighbourhood in Japan he grew up in) and behind-the-scenes glimpses of model castings, the documentary also airs interview snippets from key figures in his life like his mother, friends and employees.

Showtimes: Sep 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, various locations and timings


#2: The First Monday In May


What it’s about: Remember Rihanna’s memed-to-the-hilt yellow gown at the Met Gala last year (really, who can forget it)? This 91-minute-long film tracks the Met Gala preparations from a different perspective: That of Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour and the curator of the China: Through The Looking Glass exhibition Andrew Bolton.


Why catch it: You’ll get an inside look at the organising team’s nail-biting timeline (they only had two days to set up the exhibit) and discussions on how to meet Riri’s budget – and yes, you’ll get to see many more familiar faces (Kendall Jenner, Kimye, JLaw are but a few).

Showtimes: Sep 3, 4, 10 and 11, various locations and timings


#3: Crazy About Tiffany’s


What it’s about: It may be most well known for that little blue box, but through this 86-minute film, you’ll enjoy a candid look at the phenomenal growth of the jewellery brand, from a humble New York store to a globally recognised brand.


Why catch it: To see Francesca Amphitheatrof, Tiffany & Co’s first ever female design director, in action. She’s the brains behind hit designs like the Tiffany T range and gave a more modern spin to its Infinity, Bow and Victoria collections.

Showtimes: Sep 4, 9, 10 and 11, various locations and timings


Watch the trailers below, and buy tickets ($15) to the Design Film Festival here.


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