Nihiwatu Puncak villa 1

Maybe your last beach holiday was a little ho-hum. More crowd than beach. Noisy teenagers everywhere. Humdrum cafes, humdrum nosh. Time to check out Nihiwatu, a resort tucked away in Indonesia’s Sumba island – google it; it’s about 900km away from Bali. It’s in the middle of nowhere, which can be a good thing if all you want to do is read trashy novels, sit by the pool and do as little as possible while being surrounded by views like this:

Nihiwatu Bamboo Pavilion

Accommodation – all villas, designed in Sumbanese style with lots of wood, bamboo and ikat prints galore. Ethnic furnishings never looked so good (below). Best part: most of these come with a private pool (or two).

And if you’d rather spend time in the great outdoors, there’s a 2.5km private beach to stroll along, plus tree-house platforms with views of the ocean, the beach, and the surrounding jungles and hills. (Here’s another resort with beautiful ocean views.)

Nihiwatu villa bedroom

Nihiwatu Sumba Oka Spa Safari
From lookout platforms like these, you’ll get ocean views for miles and miles.

If you’re planning a bachelorette party or a group holiday, book the 4-bedroom Wamoro villa estate (cluster of villas). Or go for the new 3-bedroom Puncak villa (below), which comes with two pools on either side of a sunken outdoor dining area. Just imagine waking up and stepping out here for a nice private breakfast away from every sort of crowd.

Nihiwatu Puncak villa two pools

There’s no chance you’ll be bored, even if having two pools fail to amuse you after a while. At Nihiwatu, you can arrange to go diving (the waters are deep and clear), sport fishing (if that’s your thing), and even a spot of surfing (off the private beach are some of the world’s best left-hand break waves – see below). Or just eat: barbecues on the beach are a regular affair at Nihiwatu. You can always walk off the calories on a guided trek through jungles and paddy fields.

Or try something you wouldn’t normally do: a spot of meditation? With a view like this, even the most hardened city slickers should be able to let go and just be.

Nihiwatu Sumba island yoga meditation

Nihiwatu resort Sumba island waves surf

Prices at Nihiwatu start at USD900 (S$1,230) per villa per night, all meals and non-alcoholic drinks included. At this price point, you’re not likely to have teenagers cramping your style.

If you book a five-night stay before Sept 30, you’ll get two days on top of that – free. For more details, email

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