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10 Innovative Beauty Tools That Will Help You Ace Your Makeup Routine

With intelligent, multi-tasking makeup comes smart beauty tools – like a mascara guard, sonic makeup brush and eyeliner stamp – that'll vastly improve your makeup application.

From automatic vacuum cleaners to smart mobile devices and even virtual reality headsets, the 21st century has all sorts of clever gadgets and gizmos to make life easier. Naturally, the beauty industry isn’t one to be left out, because honestly, what is more tedious than getting that flawless liquid foundation application or perfecting that eyeliner flick? Put down your beauty blenders and brushes, because in this modern age, we have much more than just a sponge to take our make-up game to the next level, like these 10 beauty tools you can buy online right now. #1: Starskin Artist FX Auto-Patting Make Up Applicator, $123,
If makeup brushes aren’t your thing, then this applicator is for you. Combining a pulsating and patting action of up to 4,800 taps a minute, it was designed to mimic the expert airbrushing technique of professional makeup artists. It helps to pat in your foundation to deliver a flawless finish, and comes with 3 interchangeable heads for your various products, including creams, serums, foundations and powder. You can use these heads in lieu of your hands during your daily skincare ritual, to ensure your skin is really absorbing all that goodness! #2: Smashbox Insta-Matte Lipstick Transformer, $42,
Ok so technically this isn’t a gadget, but it’s definitely a handy tool to have in your make-up arsenal! This gel helps to instantly change your favourite cream lipsticks to matte, meaning all your lippies get a new breath of life with just a single swipe. No more spending hours in Sephora trying to hunt down a matte version of your favourite cream or satin hue! #3: Tweezerman No Mess Mascara Guard, $22,
Protect your carefully applied smokey eye and concealers with this mascara guard. Its curved head is specially designed to be used on both your upper and lower lashes, allowing you to apply mascara without the stress of the dreaded accidental transfer. This is an absolute must for this with less-than-stable hands (especially before the morning latte). #4: HiMirror Plus, USD$219,
Guys, the future is officially here. This mirror is kind of like having a beauty consultant and aesthetician rolled into one, living on your vanity counter. For starters, it functions as a mirror equipped with 5 LED lights to simulate different lighting scenarios so you can apply your make-up appropriately and look your best in these settings: outside on a sunny day, at sunset, in a brightly lit office or mall, at a restaurant and at a party venue. But that’s not all: it also uses skin analysis technology to assess your skin’s condition for wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles, dark spots, red spots, pores and overall complexion, before advising you which products you should use to effectively target them. All of this data is stored within the device and tracked monthly, so you know whether your skin is improving or not. Finally, you can even watch make up tutorials on the thing – just choose the look you want and learn. Oh, it also features a virtual makeup feature, so you can preview these looks on you before applying. Whoa. #5: Magnitone London Blendup! Vibra-Sonic Makeup Brush, $128.50,
Have complete control over your make-up application with this unique vibrating brush. Featuring an ultra-soft brush head, you can blend, contour, blush and bronze your way to a flawless finish, and it works for both liquid and powder products. The brush utilises a special Vibra-sonic technology to ensure that on top of your make-up looking super natural, your complexion is also toned and energised for an added glow. #6: Temptu Makeup Airbrush Device, USD$229.25,
Achieve a professional, flawless finish without having to sign up for an intensive make-up course. This portable, time-saving device helps you achieve a perfect complexion in just minutes, offering 3 different speeds that allow you to customise the level of coverage (sheer, medium and full), focus on specific areas and erase blemishes. This nifty gadget comes equipped with its unique SoftTouch control that regulates the amount of make up released, ensuring a natural-looking finish. #7: Tweezerman Super Curl Eyelash Curler, $23,
Gone are days of having to heat up your metal curler with your blow dryer in order to achieve luscious lashes. Offering a long-lasting curl, this futuristic eyelash curler is fitted with an extra large curling surface to ensure each eyelash is curled without the dreaded side-pinch. It has been designed with silicone pads to prevent your lashes from sticking, and ensures you won’t break delicate lashes. #8: Real Techniques Miracle Diamond Sponge, $13.38,
This diamond-shaped sponge wasn’t just designed this way to make you feel ~fancy~ while applying your makeup. Carefully thought up by the Chapman sisters, pro makeup artists behind the popular YouTube channel, Pixiwoo, this sponge has 4 sides to address your various application needs. The top allows you to buff and blend for a flawless finish; the larger flat side acts like a wedge to apply makeup to larger areas of your face; the smaller flat sides for application around your eyes, mouth and brow bone and the pointed tip to target small imperfections. #9: Turelifes Eyeliner Stamp Liquid Pen, USD$10.99,
Achieving a perfectly symmetrical cat eye used to be as impossible as finding diet-friendly ice cream, but luckily for us, gone are the frustrating mornings of trying to balance out our winged eyeliner with this amazing pen. Equipped with a stamp on one end, and a fine-tipped pen on the other, this eyeliner also boasts a waterproof and smudge-proof formula that will ensure you leave the house with perfectly drawn eyeliner in minutes. Simply stamp on the wings and fill in the rest. #10: Makeup Eraser, $30, available at
Now that you’ve all the tools to apply your makeup perfectly, you should also ensure you’re removing it properly to prevent unwanted breakouts! If you’re not the type to double cleanse (especially at the end of a long day), this reusable cloth simply requires warm water to wash away every last bit of makeup, including waterproof formulas and even stage makeup. Tip: we love this for traveling as it means we don’t have to lug an extra bottle of makeup remover.