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10 New Sunglasses To Amp Up Your Eyewear Game

Forget aviators or the classic cat eye, these unconventional new sunglasses will almost instantly add major oomph to any outfit

Truth be told, nobody really needs more than a pair of sunglasses, especially when they are classic styles such as aviators or cat eyes. But just like fragrances, we amass many a few to match our moods and outfits and because they’re more affordable than designer bags, they’re also our gateway into designer brands.

And whilst this bunch of new sunglasses perform what they’re supposed to do, which is to shield our eyes from the sun (urgh, sunlight + squinting = wrinkles?), they too show the world your personality and mood with an immediate glance: you can be the streetstyle star you aspire to be with Balenciaga’s, the classic chick with Victoria Beckham or the vintage queen with Fendi’s. Click on for our favourites.

Miu Miu acetate sunglasses, US$470 (S$641), Sunglass Hut
It’s big. Like, covers-half-your-face big, which is why this pair of Miu Miu sunglasses can be equated to a shield. It’s the pair you put on when you’re in a don’t-talk-to-me mood or when you’re too lazy to put on makeup. For the latter, the giant crystals on the sides are the only touch of sparkle you need. Oakley acetate visors, $232, Smart Buy Glasses
What made us turn our heads towards these sunglasses in the ‘90s were their overtly-sporty connotations: They were worn by surfers, bikers or…fraternity bros. But fast forward two decades later, the Hadid sisters wore them out and we finally decided to accept them for what they are: An “ugly” pair of sporty sunglasses to be worn with party dresses or double denim outfits. Balenciaga acetate sunglasses, $358, Shade Station
It’s a little Matrix-y meets sci-fi meets Post Soviet union kid on the block which is why its easy to think this pair of Balenciaga sunglasses are hard to pull off. But, nobody is asking you to wear it streetstyle-esque or in a health-goth way: you can wear it with simpler things such as a dark tailored suit or to elevate the simple slip dress. Acetate sunglasses, $78, Owndays
The octagon shape (fyi in case you were falling asleep during math class, an octagon has eight sides) might throw you off a little but this pair’s lack of hard lines makes it surprisingly wearable (think of it as a more squarish circle). The shade of ruby red too makes it the perfect pop of colour when worn with neutrals. Metal sunglasses, $20, H&M
You might think there’s an added 0 to the back of these sunglasses’s price if the brand wasn’t listed which is why we like it so much. The cut-out effect on the lenses instantly elevates the designer-look of these and because its design is thinner compared to chunkier pairs, it won’t wear heavy on your nose bridge. Metal sunglasses, $245, Coach
This is the pair of sunglasses that definitely looks as good from the front as it does from the side: Purple tinted lenses (a rarity in the eyewear world it seems) with a contrasting silver cut-out effect frame your eyes and a squiggly line frames the sides. Bonus points too for how oversized it is to keep people and the sunlight away.   Victoria Beckham metal sunglasses, $531, Spectacle Hut
You see a pair of classy sunglasses in an uncommon shape (squircle?) but we see a pair that instantly makes you look like you’ve stepped out of a Wes Anderson film (is it the orange tinted lenses? We certainly think so). If you ask for our opinion, it’s best paired with summer dresses and coloured eye makeup (preferably in turquoise or green). Fendi acetate sunglasses, $515, Fwrd
The shape of this pair is otherwise quite run-of-the-mill, it’s a slightly squarish shape. But its ‘80s influence is hard to ignore: it’s plastered with Fendi’s iconic Zucca logo and has the house’s iconic F-logo embellished on both sides. It might look like you’ve bought it in a vintage store and that’s exactly why we like this so much. Celine acetate sunglasses, $600, Capitol Optical
For fans of Phoebe who regret not purchasing anything from her Celine era, Capitol Optical still has this pair of sunglasses. In true classic Phoebe fashion, this isn’t made with the male gaze in mind or to become an “it-item”, it is an exaggerated cat eye for those with superior sartorial taste. The optical shade of white too means you’re going to be hard pressed to find an alternative. Metal sunglasses, $389, Gentle Monster
We’re not going to list some seriously cool sunglasses without including one of the coolest sunglasses brand on the block of course. And the title goes to none other than Korean label Gentle Monster with the spotlight being on this pair. Pink lenses are accentuated with a lighter pink cut out and thanks to it being encased in a titanium silver frame, it looks both futuristic and fashion-forward.