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13 New Crazy But Stylish Shoes You Need To Know About

Like Brangelina and Kimye, fashion has pairings that are so wrong, they work. And just when you think flatforms and mandals are the new normal in your fashion vocabulary, designers are mashing up more types of footwear into one-of-a-kind hybrids this season.

In this gallery slideshow, Imran Jalal rolls out the looks and imagines the terms that they could possibly go by. Have a better idea? Share your suggestions for them in our comments section below.

#1: Timberland boots X Chukka boots = Chuberlands
This camo-adorned style is a collaboration between Timberland and street wear brand, 10.Deep, and is nicknamed The Duck Hunt to mark the latter’s 15th anniversary. #2: Boots X Sandals = Casadei's Boondals
#3: Chelsea Boots X Pumps = Givenchy's Chelumps
#4: Gladiator Sandals X Ballet Flats = Gucci's Balliators
#5: Lounge Slippers X Mules = Gucci's Smules
#6: Clogs X Platform Sandals = Balenciaga's Plogs
#7: Mary Janes X d'Orsays = Bally's M.J.Ds
#8: Loafers X Mules = Casadei's Loafules
#9: Booties X Pumps = Celine's Boomps
#10: Chukka Boots X Espadrilles = Celine's Chupadrilles
#11: Socks X Clogs = Chanel's Slogs
#12: Sherpa Boots X Moon Boots = Jimmy Choo's Moonpas
#13: Wedges X Mules: Tory Burch's Mudges
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