She’s the award-winning starlet whose new film Wild (2014) has earned her Best Actress nominations from the Golden Globes (didn’t win) to the Screen Actor’s Guild (pending). We think she deserves props for her sartorial choices too. Here’s why.

Reese Witherspoon Fashion Style
1. She makes minimalism look pretty

The only people who can pull off the clean, simple aesthetic of brands like Calvin Klein (what Witherspoon is weaing in both pictures here) are, well, those into minimalism. How she makes the look her own: With sideswept hair, rosy cheeks and diamond jewellery. Girl-next-door charm – score!

Reese Witherspoon Fashion Style 1
2. She makes Hamptons chic look youthful
With bows, Peter Pan collars and ballet flats.

Reese Witherspoon Fashion Style 2
3. She makes short skirts look sophisticated
Thigh-grazing skirts + women nearing 40 = risk of looking like mutton dressed as lamb, even if said lady’s got killer legs. But Witherspoon, 38, pulls them off with elegance: Blazers and silk blouses (the middle one here is from Tory Burch) for an uptown look; denim jacket and single-sole sandals for something more casual.

Reese Witherspoon Fashion Style 3

4. She knows not to do just any black dress
LBDs are good, but can get a little boring. Hers aren’t – from an all-leather shift to a sequinned number with a deep V (the toga dress in the middle is from Saint Laurent, while the rest are from Boss).

Reese Witherspoon Fashion Style 4
5. She knows the power of a uniform
Her chic off-duty formula: Shades + simple top + skinny jeans + heels + tote held in crook of arm