Suede: seriously cool but severely challenging. It’s big in Spring, but requires a Mariah Carey-level of maintenance – it stains easily and can’t deal with humidity. Jeff Walmsley, founder of the Prince Charles-endorsed British drycleaning chain Jeeves, shares 5 tips on how to upkeep it in our climate.

5 Ways To Maintain Suede In Hot Humid Climates 1

It’s on everything from patchwork tees to modern tunics. Clockwise from left: at Chanel, Altuzarra, Michael Kors, Chloe, Loewe and Tibi 

1. Make it stain/water mark-resistant with a specialised spray (try brands like Scotchgard and Kiwi from DIY stores).

2. Store it in an air-conditioned place (which acts like a dehumidifier), but not in plastic covers (that encourages moisture).

3. Check the garment regularly to identify mould problems early.

4. Try removing small dry stains with a clean rubber eraser, and bigger spots with a suede brush – and be gentle.

5. Let the pros do the cleaning. The job calls for a solvent that’s softer on suede, followed by re-oiling as some of the fabric’s natural oils might have been stripped off during cleaning. P.S. Go to a company that covers both and do this yearly.

An adapted version of this article was published in Female February 2015, now on news stands.