aarika lee
On Lee: A jacket from Nadiah Latiff that she digs for its bold prints and vibrant colours.

A Singapore label she discovered recently

Nadiah Latiff: The one-year-old womenswear label reached out to me first, and I love how fun, quirky and lively her designs are.”

Favourite local style icon

“(Creative consultant) Tracy Phillips is awesome. She champions our local designers and she wears all of their pieces so well.”

A local brand she thinks deserves more attention

aarika lee
Two-year-old brand Matter’s pieces are comfortable yet stylish.

Matter. The brand is socially motivated and make beautifully handmade garments, and I love how they’ve fostered values (like providing sustainable income for rural communities) that are really commendable.”

Who she turns to for styling advice

“I have a few. My mother, who has always been stylish: she knows her body type and understands what’s flattering to her body, and she always got her clothes tailored for work. When I dress up, I like to do things that are unexpected and my sister (who’s currently studying at an art school in Boston) will help me to see if I could pull it off. Similarly, my husband has a good eye on what works for me since he likes fashion and is also in the entertainment industry. And that’s not forgetting my BFF Charmaine Seah-Ong who does almost everything together with me, from shopping to getting ready for parties, so we know each other’s wardrobe very well.”

What she wears for work

aarika lee
Lee’s go-to work ensemble: A top from Beyond The Vines paired with pants from local fashion brand Al Et Clar.

Beyond The Vines. They have nice basics, formal business wear and also more fun pieces for us who’re working in the creative scene.”

What she wears for a girls’ night out

Stolen. Its pieces accentuate femininity. They have the most flattering cuts and sexiest bareback pieces that are neither too girly or masculine.”

Favourite places to shop at in Singapore

In Good Company is Aarika Lee’s go-to brand for elevated wardrobe staples.

Stolen offers a great shopping experience. Its store is nestled within the beautiful, quaint Tiong Bahru neighbourhood and I like to take my time in looking through the pieces while mixing and matching them. I like Tangs too because it carries great local brands like In Good CompanyAijek, Lingwu and Max Tan.”

Easiest styling trick when she’s pressed for time

“It takes me 15-30 seconds to put on a headwrap. I keep different kinds and colours – I have one for a casual day out and another for the evening. Colour is something that’s ever-present in my wardrobe, so I always choose something that’s more fun than serious. My headwraps are from New York-based accessories label The Wrap Life.”

How she nails the perfect Instagram OOTD

“I try to take photos around 6:30pm to 7pm. I like how the setting sun provides good lighting, and every spot seems to look nice (during this time).”

How she thinks perceptions of Singapore labels have changed

“It has changed tremendously in a positive way, and I’m so glad to see everyone embracing homegrown talent more. It is what builds a nation’s art and culture.”


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