aarika lee uniqlo heattech
Lee wears Uniqlo’s satin ankle-length pants ($49.90). All other clothes and accessories, her own

Travel wardrobe must-haves

“Headwraps, a good pair of jeans or pants, sneakers and a comfy parka.”

A style mantra she swears by when travelling

“Have fun with new looks you don’t normally get to rock at home. We all have a couple of those photos pinned in our inspiration folders. Going to a new city or country is the best time to try them all.”

aarika lee uniqlo heattech
Layering 101 courtesy of Lee: Turning Uniqlo’s flannel long-sleeve shirt dress ($59.90) into a lightweight coat. Also in this look: the brand’s merino-blend ribbed skirt ($49.90). All other clothes and accessories, her own

What she’ll pack for her next holiday

“Early next year, my best friends and I are travelling to Bali together with our families. The thing about Bali is that your wardrobe can be at a minimum. That means I’ll probably be packing a lot of swimwear, shorts and sundresses.”

When travelling to a hot climate

“Whether you’re going overseas or at home in sunny Singapore, Uniqlo has created a whole range of products which are breathable and have quick-drying properties called Airism. They have everything from inner wear to camisoles to t-shirts and active gear, and they keep you feeling dry even after being on-the-go all day.”

aarika lee uniqlo heattech
How do you keep your look on point in cold weather? Follow Lee’s example and keep to neutral hues. Lee wears Uniqlo’s acrylic two-way stole ($29.90), a merino-blend turtleneck sweater ($39.90) and polyester flare skirt ($39.90).

Must-have essentials for cold climates

“I am an island girl through and through. As much as I love the idea of travelling to cooler climates, my body doesn’t take to it well. Uniqlo Heattech, which I recently learned comes in extra warm and ultra warm materials, is the only thing that properly shields me from windchill. I bring at least four sets of Heattech (when I go to a cold country), and I use them as pajamas too. I would also pack scarves, because they always add some fun to my get-up and help to keep my neck, ears and face warm, which are the first things to ice over for me.”

Favourite kind of outerwear

“A statement jacket. I like packing a lot of basics when I travel because it’s easy to mix and match. An awesome jacket helps to break the monotony.”

On her bucket list

“Positano, Italy. I would pack a lot of airy, comfy dresses because I’m going to be eating and drinking my way through that city for sure.”


Photos: Cherlynn Lian 

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