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Functional And Photogenic: What More Can You Ask For In A Bag?

We make a case for the unconventional, non-leather bag — and why it should exist in your arsenal as a staple.

Sure, there’s always a place for classic leather handbags in every woman’s wardrobe, but
when a special occasion arises and you want to carry a head-turner of a purse or clutch, the
hard box bags that have been lensed on our favourite fashion muses are exactly what
you need.

This Spring/Summer ’19, we’ve been seeing more practical and everyday editions that have
been refreshed with top handles and crossbody straps, instead of just clutches that are usually reserved for after-hours. Spearheading this marbled acrylic bag: Cult Gaia, famed for its Instagram beloved bags and of course, Edie Parker that’s made the acrylic clutch its bread and butter for years.

Thanks to these brands (amongst others), acrylic is not to be only associated with the wave
of endearingly cute and quirky accessories, but a practical yet statement-making everyday bag.
Whether you’re looking for the perfect accessory to tote to a Sunday brunch or one to elevate
your lazy day outfit, a sleek marbled bag will lend a finishing touch to your look.

Our picks above.

#2: Edie Parker acrylic bag, $1,595 (S$2,160),
#1: Cult Gaia acrylic box bag, $350 (S$473),
#7: Cult Gaia acrylic clutch, $262 (S$354),
#3: Edie Parker acrylic bag, $2,250 (S$3,040),
#5: Montunas resin bucket bag, $364 (S$492),
#4: Edie Parker acrylic top-handle bag, $1,395 (S$1,890),
#6: L’Afshar perspex clutch, $830 (S$1,120),
#8: Cult Gaia acrylic tote, $336 (S$454),