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Pack These Accessories Before Jetting Off For The Holidays

Here are some of the most indulgent yet inexpensive accessories you should get when you're away on that celebratory #vacay.

As 2018 approaches the final stretch, some of us may be partaking in the merry-making festivities in Singapore, while others may want to soak in the buzzing atmosphere at a more far flung location. Wherever you may be, it goes without saying that you’ll be dressed to the nines to ring in the new year. Don’t forget your outfit’s BFFs though — we’re talking about your accessories

Whether you’re heading to the toasty Maldives or celebrating a white Christmas in Milan, here are 12 of the best pieces that’ll keep you both comfortable and stylish while you’re toasting to the new year. Bonus? Nothing’s above S$100. 

Summer getaway

Winter wonderland