On Koh’s recent holiday to Pai, Thailand, she wore Uniqlo’s two-way knit stoles ($39.90) and jersey jogger pants ($49.90). All other accessories, her own

Travel wardrobe must-haves

“A cardigan or a lightweight coat, because it’s always good to be prepared for weather changes; a classic shirt for layering; and a comfortable set of pajamas, because I feel most at home in it.”

Fashion accessories you can’t live without when travelling

“A pair of pave diamond earrings I wore at my wedding. They’re squarish and slightly oversized, and are good for when I need to dress up for a party but I might not have brought the right clothes. Sometimes travelling gets a bit hectic, so a bit of bling helps you look radiant. I also bring a chunky cuff with chainmail detailing, which is good for day looks.”

  • What you packed for a recent holiday

“I recently spent a week in Chiang Mai, Thailand at a picturesque town called Pai. Chiang Mai gets really chilly – it hovers between 13 to 16 degrees at night – so I packed a wool cardigan and beige slacks from Uniqlo (to keep warm).”

On Koh: Uniqlo’s nylon blouson ($79.90) and wool ankle-length pants ($19.90), which come with an elastic waistband for a snug fit.
  • Must-have essentials for cold climates

“The classic camel coat. It sounds boring but it’s something I live by. Everyone wears black in winter, and I prefer to wear something that stands out. Uniqlo Heattech is very thin and good for layering, especially in extremely cold weather. If I’m going to a place that’s snowing, I don’t wanna look bulky.”

  • Must-have essentials for warm climates

“Airism, because it’s light and the material comes with a slight sheen – I call it a polished version of a cotton t-shirt. I’ll also pack hats, shades and high-waisted denim shorts that are easy to match.”


Koh’s a fan of cosy cover-ups like this oversized cotton sweater ($39.90) from Uniqlo.
  • A travel style tip she swears by

“Pack a lot of lippies in strong, bold colours to enhance and even clash with the colours of your outfit, like wearing an emerald dress with a dark plum lip. It’s less predictable.”

  • One rule she abides by when packing for a trip

“I try to pack more one-pieces like dresses and jumpsuits so it saves me the trouble of mixing and matching. When you’re on a work trip, you just want to throw something on and go, and these help save time when travelling.”

  • #1 destination on your bucket list

“Ravello, Italy – it’s located along the Amalfi Coast and looks so romantic, like it’s right out of a painting. I would pack things that convey “Italian chic” – printed, ruffled dresses and colourful separates.”


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