Alexa Chung

You know Alexa Chung as a model, muse and musician’s boyfriend, but she started out in the industry as a TV host. Now she’s back to doing what she does best – being charming in front of the camera – with a new series that “investigates the state of fashion today.”

The new online documentary series asks viewers, “What do you want to know about the fashion industry?” and solicits questions from them. Comments already posted include topics on fast fashion, animal cruelty, sweatshops and how to break into the industry.

“I’ve been working in fashion since I was 15, and the thing that I found is, people are very dismissive of fashion in general, it’s always seen as folly, or it has connotations of vanity or indulgence, and all of these things, when actually, it’s occupied and driven by people who are highly creative, highly intelligent,” says Chung, who will interview designers, students, journalists and buyers for the series, which will debut in September. Now that the sneak peek is out (see video below), we know she’s spoken to designers like Olivier Rousteing and Christopher Kane, as well as students at Central St. Martins:

“It’s important to make a film that is an accurate representation of fashion as it stands now, and where it’s going in the future,” she adds. View the full show on Vogue UK’s Youtube channel on September 15.


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