Alexander McQueen committed suicide eight years ago on February 11 and though fashion has never been short of hyperbole, it’s safe to say that he was one of the industry’s most talented designers – and showman.

While there have been other tributes, such as the blockbuster Savage Beauty exhibition back in 2011 that became one of the Metropolitan Museum’s most popular exhibitions ever, there’s now a new documentary on the designer’s life, simply entitled McQueen, that’s set to debut at Tribeca Film Festival this weekend.

Directed by award-winning filmmaker Ian Bonhote, the feature-length documentary reportedly features personal interviews with many of his closest friends and family members. There’ll also be behind-the-scenes footage of McQueen’s career that goes back to some of his earliest collections, including the memorable (and we don’t say this lightly) S/S 1999 show, where supermodel Shalom Harlow’s white cotton trapeze dress was spray-painted by two robotic arms (hired from a car manufacturing company) as she stood on a revolving disc.

Shalom Harlow at the finale of Alexander McQueen’s spring/summer 1999 show. Image: Vogue

Check out the trailer below:


While the choice of music and the way it’s cut does come across more as an advertisement for a horror flick, the tantalising glimpses of older collections such as the Spring 2001, Fall 2006 (where a hologram of Kate Moss danced hauntingly), Spring 2009 (his final, full-fledged collection) and Fall 2009 shows.

Either way, it’s bound to be hotly anticipated, here’s hoping it gets a screening in Singapore later in the year.

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