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All Mae-d Up: Renegade Style Star Mae Lapres On Eclectic Vintage Finds And The Perfect Lip

Every day is fancy dress day with the colourful, vintage fanatic model Mae Lapres – so who better to put some outlandish cinematic glamour into Pre-fall’s dramatic gowns and statement cocktail dresses?

Mae Lapres’ idea of fancy dress might sound better suited for a madcap costume party in a bohemian art commune than some Crillon-hosted Great Gatsby-esque affair. “If there’s one thing that I adore, it’s circus clothes,” she gushes in between takes at our cover shoot on a balmy Spring afternoon in Paris. “If I see a clown outfit – even if it’s from present day and really cheap-looking; just two pieces of cotton with big buttons – I want it.

mae lapres

Cotton poplin blouson, matching dress, metal necklace with glass pearls and crystals, suede and lambskin gloves, and calfskin boots, Chanel

“I’d wear it with heels, flats, bling bling necklaces,” she continues, glee very much evident from her looming doe eyes. “There are nice ones that date back to the early 1900s and are very pricey, even though they usually have holes in them. For a mainstream person, they’d just be rags, but I consider them fancy because they’d be very delicate, with the fabrics having survived through time.” Did we add that she could just wear such a piece with anything from her  collection of thrifted punk-style tartan trousers, pink fringed Yohji Yamamoto bowling-style lace-ups, and vintage Jean Paul Gaultier on any given day?

In the nine or so years that she’s been in the industry, Lapres has become as recognised as a renegade style star as an enduring top model (she’s 27 – and still in demand). Her eclectic garbs – worn with a mix of cool disaffection and girlish charm – have made her a scene-stealer amid a sea of all-black, leather jacket- and skinny jeans-clad models off-duty on the street style circuit.

 mae lapres

Satin top, Stella McCartney. Metal earrings, Dior. Drome leather gloves,

Her wardrobe – so expansive, she keeps pieces in compression bags in her storeroom (she claims to archive everything that she’s amassed since she was 15) – includes 20th century theatre costumes and old military uniforms. She regularly trawls eBay, as well as the flea markets and vintage boutiques of Paris, where she was born and raised, and hits important castings in ’80s Chanel.