Whatever your thoughts may be on being environmentally-friendly/conscious, you can’t deny that it’s a movement that’s been on the rise in recent years as people become more educated about its necessity – global conditions will only get worse if people continue to be oblivious or flippant.

Emma Watson, for one, has been an especially prominent proponent of the movement – starting an entirely new Instagram account just to document the outfit she wears while on her Beauty and the Beast promotional tour.

Watson’s tour may be winding down, bur Oscar winner Anne Hathaway is just starting on hers for her latest film, the monster/comedy film Colossal. Hathaway is however, taking a slightly different route from Watson. She will only be wearing archival or vintage pieces throughout the entirety of her tour, as her stylist Penny Lovell revealed on Instagram.

Depending on how you look at it, this might be an even better option as it uses existing options.

While some might say that this Spring 2006 Armani Prive gown might be a tad overkill, especially for a New York premiere (which tends to be more low-key than premieres in LA), perhaps Hathaway and her stylist Penny Lovell wanted to bring attention to this new eco-friendly initiative.

(Still, a couture number like this might have been better reserved for higher-wattage events like the Oscars or even at the upcoming Cannes film festival.)

Hathaway changed into a less formal 1970 maxi dress from Oscar de la Renta for the actual screening. Her reasoning? “It (the Armani Prive) was too hard to sit in, but it was just so beautiful”, she told Vogue.

I would say that the vintage cut of the Oscar de la Renta isn’t exactly the most flattering but the rich colour does flatter her alabaster complexion.

We’re looking forward to the rest of the Colossal promo tour to see what vintage pieces Lovell pulls out for Hathaway – Christian Lacroix and John Galliano for Dior comes to mind –  this might just be the start of a new red carpet trend.

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Main image: @pennylovellstylist Instagram