The F List: The 37-year-old creative, who’s dabbled in everything from running her own fashion label to making books and conceptualising photography projects, tells us what she’s currently into. 

Artistdesigner Aiwei Foo Reveals Her Fashion Faves

Favourite shopping haunts: “Fleamarkets and thrift stores. Shopping at places like these (makes me) feel as if I am on a treasure hunt. I personally feel that (shopping here) requires a certain knack for curation (almost like art direction), because pieces of clothing are usually in a jumbled mess, and one needs to know what is suitable and what is not. It would be useful to have knowledge about certain fabrics, or a general idea of style and styling. Imagination would help too.” 

Artistdesigner Aiwei Foo Reveals Her Fashion Faves 2

Latest fashion buy: “These pieces are what I bought at some of the night markets in Bangkok and Chiang Mai on my recent trip there. I like the colour and (wacky) prints on the purple cotton shirt. The grey linen jacket is made in Japan and has very neat workmanship. It also reminds me of a classic jacket from the ’80s, and looks like what a Japanese working woman living in that era would wear. The terracotta-coloured culottes are made of knitted fabric. I like its (clean) silhouette and it feels comfortable. Altogether, this outfit cost me less than S$20.”

Artistdesigner Aiwei Foo Reveals Her Fashion Faves 3

A label she’s into: “I like Berlin- and Paris-based lifestyle brand Bless (established in 1995 by Austrians Ines Kaag and Desiree Heiss, the collections span clothing to footwear and home accessories). It has a good mix of fashion and art, as well as other projects that deal with graphics and architecture. I have been fond of this label since 2005 when I did an internship with them, and I like the honest and sincere way they approach fashion and design.”

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