Here’s a mantra that most of us subscribe to (consciously or otherwise, anyway) these days: If it’s not on social media, then did it really happen? Was that jet set editor really at Balenciaga‘s Fall/Winter 2018 runway if the neon graffitied mountain of a show set and multi-layered coats weren’t on Instagram? Of course, our desire to document far pre-dates the 21st century urge to post anything and everything. But before paper became pixels, what ended up being immortalised tended to be a lot more sacred. For instance: the ouevre of a creative director.

Taking it off the grid and into an inaugural Balenciaga book since Demna Gvasalia’s takeover, fans who pick up a copy will be able to go behind closed doors with both brand and designer. It is through the lenses of two Demna-anointed photographers, Johnny Dufort (also behind Balenciaga’s ad campaigns) and Pierre Ange Carlotti — the only two attendees granted backstage access at the F/W ’18 show — that the making-of, from model castings to runway aftermath, are to be beautifully bound for all to see. And in this vein, expect nothing less than a visual tome that’s been treated with way more care and thought than the quick flick of a filter.

Together with publisher Rizzoli, extra neon tones were specially added for the book’s printing process, in order to give its owner as much of a life-like representation of the collection as possible. The result? Something that the brand asserts cannot be replicated digitally.

Hinting at more collectibles down the line, Gvasalia says, “I realised that every show I do from now on for Balenciaga is cinematographic in terms of concept and setup, and each of them I’d like to accompany with some memorabilia, something that actually puts you into that show and the process behind it.”

Available online at the Balenciaga e-store, with the exception of shipping to China, Vietnam and the Middle East. Also available at Balenciaga boutiques in Europe. From November 7.