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10 Fashion Apps That'll Make Your Life Easier

Fashion meets tech.

Need some tips to organise your closet? Or to get the low down on the ethical and sustainable performance of various designer labels? With technology and smarter-than-ever smartphones, you’re able to get all the necessary fashion deets and hacks with a simple touch of your mobile screens. All you have to do is to download these 10 fashion apps, stat.

1. Not My Style
Flourishing from Kickstarter, Not My Style is the app that everyone should have on their iPhones, pronto. Why? It showcases the levels of sustainability and ethics of your favourite fashion labels (both high end and high street are not spared) based on the information they share (or hide) with their consumers. In a nutshell, this app ranks brands according to the elusiveness of their factories’ working conditions. Green represents that the brand’s transparent with their process and you should shop and support, amber means that you should think twice before shopping given that they are semi-transparent, and red shows the brand’s ambiguity with their data and that you should stop showing your loyalty.   Available on iOS only.   Image: Not My Style 2. Stylebook
If you’re one who’s constantly struggling with the coordination of outfits (and hence, you’re constantly late for anything and everything), this app will make your life easier. Stylebook is designed to curate your closet to put together an effortless look on a daily basis. Utilising their calendar function, you’re able to pre-plan your outfit for the week without the need of ransacking your wardrobe. All you’ll have to do is to snap away. Oh, did we mention the best part? They’re able to track the number of times you wear each item, displaying a cost-to-wear analysis for you. Perhaps you’ll reconsider purchasing a new midi skirt if you’ve only worn yours once.   Available on iOS only.   Image: Stylebook 3. Like to Know It
Picture this: You’re scrolling through your ‘grams to gather inspiration from your favourite fashion personalities. You chance upon an outfit that you love, but to your disappointment, the garments aren’t brand tagged. With Like to Know It, simply sign up on the website, authorise your Instagram account on their app while logging in and take a screenshot of the outfit on your social media handles and voila. Head on over to the app and shop the look right away. It’s that easy.   Available on iOS and Google Play.     4. Lyst
If you’re a fan of the now defunct Polyvore (boo!) for their search function, Lyst is the best replacement. Partnering with various fashion e-commerce websites, this app allows you to scour for a specific designer garment and compare prices across different websites for you. Fashion retailers include Net-a-Porter, Barneys, Saks and Selfridges to name a few, so we highly recommend this app if you’re a frequent shopper.   Available on iOS only.     5. Covet Fashion
Though Covet Fashion may appear child-like at first glance, it’s actually a great way to kill time during your work commute while keeping yourself updated with the latest fashion trends. How? This mobile game connects you to top contemporary labels to complete looks with virtual styling and shopping. You’re able to experiment with au courant fashion pieces to create interesting ensembles virtually before purchasing the look in real life, if you have fallen in love with what you’ve put together. Talk about fun and functionality.   Available on iOS and Google Play.   6. Vestiaire Collective
Love to hunt for pre-loved goodies but hate to squeeze in the cramp spaces? This calls for you to download the Vestiaire Collective’s app ASAP. As one of the world’s leading vintage online stores, this e-commerce platform is literally the one stop shop for lovers of all things vintage. Think Chanel, Dior and Christian Lacroix. Furthermore, they are equipped with an in house team that verifies their products’ authenticity, so you are free to shop with a peace of mind.   Available on iOS and Google Play.   7. The Hunt
A mobile application that is powered by a community, The Hunt is the place for everyone to tap into their inner personal shopper to provide styling tips and recommend products for their peers. Unlike the other apps that utilise product recognition technology, this app relies on the effort of the community. In other words, your fellow fashion pals will do the hunting (pun intended) for that coveted maxi skirt for you, and vice versa. All you’ll need to do is to post the item that you’re eyeing and input your budget before your new online BFFs brainstorm for suggestions.   Available on iOS only.   8. Mode Relier
Fans of Clueless, do you remember  Cher Horowitz’s computerised closet? Well, Mode Relier is the contemporary, mobilised replica of this function. This app is here to create outfits from the pile of clothes you have in your wardrobe in an efficient fashion. Furthermore, the app has an in-built function that consider factors like skin tone, hair colour and seasonal lighting — which means that they’ll display the possible #OOTD options which will include hair styles and make up products too.   Available on iOS only.   Image: Mode Relier   9. GOAT
Sneakerheads, this shopping app is for you. GOAT is a safe haven that allows their consumers to buy and sell new and used soles that you’ve taken an L on when they dropped at retail. With their free verification service that they provide for their customers, you’re safe to make a purchase via this app as authenticity is guaranteed before delivery. Also, a new programme launched in February last year called GOAT Clean offers professional cleaning, grading and photography for used shoes. Shoppers can view over 125,000 sneakers that are up for sale, which includes popular brands like Nike, Adidas,  and Jordan.   Available on iOS and Google Play.     10. FAD — The Ultimate Fashion Dictionary
The first comprehensive fashion dictionary app, FAD is an encyclopaedia that gives you the run down and detailed explanation of over 1,500 fashion terminology. From schools to sleeve designs, silhouettes to shoe brands, take charge of what you speak and be the master at knowing the difference between a crinoline and a corset. After all, nothing’s more stylish than proper enunciation and knowledge.   Available on iOS only.   Image: iTunes