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The Fashion Podcasts To Tune In To During Your Daily Commute

These entertaining fashion podcasts will make you wish your travel journey was longer.

We admit, it can be hard to keep up with fashion’s latest trends and au courant topics. While social media platforms can be a good tool to keep yourself updated, scrolling mindlessly through your Instagram feed every day can be humdrum. Make better use of your time and give fashion podcasts a go instead. They’re fun, interesting and educational — and you get fashion news and insightful opinions firsthand from industry insiders. They’re also a great way to kill time and you won’t have to constantly flick your fingers or well, even keep your eyes open. #FirstWorldProblems, we know.

Here are some of our favourite fashion podcasts to tune into during the daily work commute.

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Fashion No Filter
Introduced in December 2016 by fashion influencers and journalists Camille Charrière and Monica Ainley, Fashion No Filter podcasts cover a range of topics, with each episode based on a subject that is inherent in the fashion industry. From “Instagram” to “Street Style Secrets” and even to “What Men Really Think of Fashion”, be prepared for a fun-filled series filled with witty criticisms and opinions from both the hosts and various fashion icons. Fashion No Filter Image: Instagram (@fashionnofilter) GirlBoss Radio
NastyGal founder and author of the book #GIRLBOSS, Sophia Amoruso’s podcast series is both humorous and inspirational. Using this as a medium to interview women from all aspects of life and different workplace industries, expect stories like “She Got Fired And Sent To Rehab—And Then She Built Jimmy Choo” with Tamara Mellon and “Hannah Hart Wants You To Know: Shitty Days Are OK”. They are emotional and impactful, with educational life lessons we can all glean from. Girl Boss Radio Image: Instagram (@girlbossradio) Vogue Podcast
Hosted by André Leon Talley, arguably one of the most famous fashion journalists of all time, Vogue Podcast is a definitive podcast that is probing and thought-provoking. Besides covering the latest fashion news such as “Vogue Royal Wedding Podcast” and “The September Issue with Anna Wintour and Tonne Goodman”, this channel tackles various knotty issues related to money, status and wealth with Vogue staff and various guests. Here, you get an unrestricted look into the highly exclusive fashion industry. Vogue Podcast Oh Boy by the Man Repeller
Similar to her webpage, Leandra Medine has creatively integrated content with entertainment in her team’s podcast series, Oh Boy. By interviewing women from the arts, technology and fashion industries, each of these episodes — we highly recommend episode 8 featuring comedian Whitney Cummings for the intelligent and oft-hilarious repartee between her and Medine — is filled with adroit wit and will make you laugh out loud. Oh Boy by the Man Repeller Image: Man Repeller Fashion Hags
Created by Canadians Abby Shumka, designer Evan Ducharme and blogger Katie Garnham, The Fashion Hags podcast series was introduced because of their love for “all things fashion”. Honest and reflective about the happenings in the fashion industry, Shumka, Ducharme and Garnham — who all work in Vancouver’s fashion industry — fill their episodes with thoughts on current and critical topics, like “Feminism in Fashion with Graphic Designer Madison Reid”, “Fashion’s Future” and “The Joy of Shipping”. Fashion Hags Image: Fashion Hags Fash-ON Fash-OFF by i-D Magazine
Created by the team behind i-D Magazine, a British magazine that is dedicated to art, fashion, youth subcultures and music, their Fash-ON Fash-OFF podcast series covers all of fashion’s coolest, strangest and latest. From “Is acne in fashion?” (And no, they don’t mean Acne Studios but literal blemishes) to “Small sunglasses, ugly trainers and the year’s biggest trends”, tune in to their channel for fashion news, tips and trends. You’d be up to speed in no time. Fash-ON Fashion-OFF Image: i-D UnStyled by Refinery29
A fashion podcast series launched by Refinery29, UnStyled is a star-studded series that features fashion icons such as Miranda Kerr, Ashley Graham and Rodarte’s Kate and Laura Mulleavy. Hosted by Christene Barberich, their global editor-in-chief and co-founder, this podcast serves as a platform for women to voice their opinions and narrate their stories while sharing their personal style, which helps to inspire you and other women around the world. UnStyled by Refinery29 Image: Refinery29 Pop Fashion
Hosted by fashion and retail writer Kaarin Vembar and writer-producer Lisa Rowan, Pop Fashion covers (of course) everything you’d want to know about fashion, from business and retail to trends and celebrity news. Tune in if you’re interested in the latest, juiciest topics, such as how Kylie Cosmetics ended up getting stocked at Ulta Beauty, an episode that gives you an inside look into media personality Kylie Jenner’s billion dollar company, as well as how politics affected First Daughter Ivanka Trump’s fashion line. Pop Fashion American Fashion Podcast
To get better sense of the gritty business behind fashion, this podcast is for you. Hosts Charles Beckwith and Cathy Schepis dive into the fashion industry to talk to professionals who share insights such as sustainability in fashion (with co-founder Kristy Caylor of Maiyet, episode 187) and the future of retail (with retail landscape experts Robin Lewis and Jan Roger Kniffen, episode 182). That’s not to say they cover only the serious stuff. Fun and interesting topics get tackled too, such as a piece on how boxers and fighters are surprisingly well-dressed for work (episode 174 on Los Angeles Fashion, Fighting In Style). American Fashion Podcast Image: Instagram (@americanfashionshow) The Business of Fashion Podcast
Another podcast that covers business-related issues, The Business of Fashion is no stranger to any fashion insider. From topics like how the Kardashian family turned their mega social media influence into a multi-million dollar business to LVMH’s digital strategy with “Inside the Digital Revolution with LVMH’s Ian Rogers”, this podcast is great for those who want to learn the secrets behind achieving success in the cutthroat fashion business. The Business of Fashion Podcast The Cutting Room Floor by OMONDI
The Cutting Room Floor is as brutal as it can get. Hosted by American designer Recho Omondi, this podcast shines the spotlight on difficult topics surrounding the industry, such as the death of fashion criticism (episode 1), and whether fashion’s top magazine, Vogue, is still relevant today (episode 6). They also speak to the duo behind the infamous @diet_prada (episode 5) — an Instagram account that names and shames designers who rip off others’ designs. There are only seven episodes (excluding one that’s introductory), so you can easily finish the whole thing in two days. The Cutting Room Floor Bande à Part
Fashion historians Rebecca Arnold & Beatrice Behlen delve into witty fashion-related topics with their podcast series, Bande à Part. This experienced duo can take on almost any issue and keep you intrigued. Think of subject matters like the importance of costume in film (of Otto Preminger’s film Bonjour Tristesse in 1958, episode 31) to why Jamaican-American supermodel-singer Grace Jones — known to be the iconic pioneer of androgyny — is worth idolising (episode 10) and the difference between beauty in the past and now (episode 29). It kept us so entertained that we almost missed our stop! Bande à Part