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Looking To Get Your Well-Loved Bags Or Shoes Repaired? These Are The Places We Swear By

From clothes to shoes and bags, these are the fashion fixer-uppers who know what they’re doing when it comes to repairs.

With the #nowaste movement gaining ground, it’s time to look at how we can extend the lives of the items we love. While we generally have a “use and throw it out” mentality, this doesn’t really apply to our favourite shoes, bags, and clothes. These are the ones that we gravitate towards, reaching for that one piece over and over again above all others. These are the items that we love the most, and thus are the ones that wear out over time.

Time to source out the repair shop / tailor / fix-it auntie who will be able to revitalise that beloved piece, breathing new life into it. And if it’s really that special (or expensive), you’d want to rely on people who know what they’re doing, before they take a pair of scissors or a needle to your favourite fashion finds.

After all when it comes to fashion restoration, the key is in the craftsmanship. Trust a specialist rather than a jack-of-all-trades. We’ve compiled a list of where to go for that repair job.

After dropping thousands of dollars on a designer bag, it makes sense to pay for its upkeep so it will last. Businesses such as Honest Crafters and Chan Yew Leather Artisans offer a wide range of repair and cleaning services such as repairing stitching, lining and handles, replacing hardware parts, and recolouring leather. Naturally, they also offer cleaning and conditioning. Prices start at $10 for fixing a loose thread, to about $500 for replacing a bag’s piping. Both stores also channel their bag-building expertise into a customisation service where you can design and create your own bags. Where: Honest Crafters is at #03-49 Plaza Singapura; Chan Yew Leather Artisans is at #07-11 Yi Xiu Factory Building, 65 Sims Avenue. Watches
Even the fanciest timepieces will run out of time. Metaphorically, of course. But they may turn literal if you don’t get them punctually fixed. Seek out a watch expert to get your #armcandies repaired. Watch it! is the place to go, since they have plenty of experience in this field — they founded their business in late 2001, and will celebrate their 17th year this coming November. Prices start at $20 for a simple change of batteries. For more complicated repairs, they will provide their customers with a quotation, and will only start charging once the repair is completed. Furthermore, each repair comes with a warranty that lasts for 6 months, how good is that? Where: Watch it! is at #01-39B Great World City & #02-29 Tanglin Mall. Eyewear
We’ve all heard this sound before: the dreaded crack of your glasses after you unknowingly step or sit on them. Don’t panic: Send them to  Visio Optical for a quick fix. With plenty of spare parts on hand and their own machinery, they are able to rescue any type of eyewear, from designer to vintage and metal to plastic frames. Prices start at $5 for a simple screw repair, to $35 for welding or replacing broken hinges. Where: Visio Optical is at #01-67, 43 Holland Drive. Fine Jewellery
If you wear your jewellery on a regular basis, chances are your pieces will require maintenance once every few years. On Cheong Jewellery offers services such as repairs for chains and rings, the replacement of clasps and stones, ultrasonic cleaning and resizing. A tip — send in frequently-worn jewellery for a simple round of cleaning every six months. This will help pieces immediately look brand new. Founded in 1936, On Cheong Jewellery is one of the most reputable establishments in Chinatown, so you can trust that your precious gemstones are in good hands. Prices start at $10 for ultrasonic cleaning of a ring. Where: On Cheong Jewellery is at 239/241 New Bridge Road. Shoes
Ever feel like kicking yourself when you’d accidentally scratched your brand new leather loafers? Pack ’em up and bring them to Shukey. There, you’ll find an extension colour chart to match the original colour of the shoes, which will be carefully spot-dyed to look as good as new again. Shukey also offers recolouring, cleaning, polishing, stitching, stretching, and resoling services. You’ll also find footwear-related products to help care for your gear, such as leather cleaners, waterproofing sprays and insoles. Prices start at $10 for polishing and colour restoration on simple scratches. Where: Shukey is at #01-99 Lucky Plaza and #B1-125 Suntec City Mall. Clothes
Wearing torn clothing or hiding a missing button just won’t do, and you’ll need a seamstress to address these issues. Beyond this, think about a wardrobe refresh by visiting a tailor anyway, even if nothing needs repairing. Here’s why: Buying off-the-rack means wearing clothes that weren’t made for you. And unless you are a professional stylist, there’s a high chance a good percentage of your clothing don’t fit you as well it could — including your much-loved pieces. Things to watch out for — hemlines that can go longer than suitable for your height, a bodice that could be too loose, or sleeves that are too short or long. Bring these pieces to the seamstresses at Jody Apparel and Clancy Boutique  for a professional once-over. Prices at Jody Apparel start at $8 for simple hem shortening for bottoms and camisole straps while the same services start at $10 at Clancy. Where: Jody Apparel is at #03-10 Far East Shopping Centre; and Clancy Boutique is at #04-89 Far East Plaza. Gowns
Unusual fabrications and embellishments like sequins or beading make wedding, gala and ball gowns difficult to restore. This is where Haute Alteration Initiative comes in. The good people here have a no-nonsense approach and are adept at working on high-end designs from the likes of Vera Wang, Valentino and Berluti. The business is the retail face of social enterprise A-Changin’ Ltd, which employs women above 50 years old, people with disabilities and single mothers. Prices start at $20 for a simple job like shortening a hem. Where: Haute Alteration Initiative is at #03-30 Mandarin Gallery. Jeans
Serious jeans collectors would know that any old tailor isn’t going to cut it when it comes to specialty denim. A jeans specialist is important because denim repairs require a specific skill set. Enter JeansFix which has developed a technique called ThreadMatching, with an aim to restore jeans to their original state. This means that your denim specialist will look at the colour of the actual denim thread, then literally reconstruct rips and tears — thread by thread — rather than just slapping on a simple patch. Of course, JeansFix replaces zips or buttons, and adjusts the waist and crotch areas, too. Prices are at $8 and up. Where: JeansFix is at #B1-06 City Link Mall.