black ss20
Cotton romper with cape, Hermes. Leather boots, Gucci.All other items, Yao’s own
black ss20
4 Moncler Simone Rocha nylon midi dress and nylon and lace skirt (worn underneath), Moncler. Leather gloves, Gucci. Calfskin platform Derby shoes, Prada

Xin Yao, personal stylist and shopper and founder of womenswear label Raech

“Finding inner peace is really important and to me, the colour black represents that much-needed sense of calm in today’s hectic world. Perhaps that’s why I’ve been wearing the colour a lot for the past seven years when I’ve been trying to hone my personal style. Catching up with trends is a never-ending game, but black’s always relevant.”

black ss20
Spandex mini dress with cape, brass and steel necklace with crystals, and polyester-blend boots, Balenciaga
Silk-blend top and matching midi skirt, Gucci. Heel Clutch Fringes calfskin crossbody bag, Loewe.All other items, Lai’s own

Fae Lai, auditor and co-founder of space and object curatorial outfit Wabi Sabi

“Close to 90 per cent of my wardrobe is in black. The colour is like my armour – I never have to worry about how I look when I wear it because I somehow feel at peace in it. Besides, the colour reminds me of the darkness that exists inside every one of us and that sometimes it’s actually all right to live with that.”

Lambskin jacket and matching shorts, Longchamp. All other items, Putri’s own
Wool and nylon cardigan and polyester skirt, Miu Miu. Patent leather choker, Gucci. All other items, Putri’s own

Putri Adif, womenswear designer

“Black spells elegance and sophistication. When styled well, it can look sleek, chic and so effortless. When I see someone wearing a very well-put-together all-black outfit, I feel that he or she has his or her life sorted out – even if that might not be the case in reality.”

This article first appeared in the April 2020 print edition of FEMALE. 

Photography Vee Chin Styling Imran Jalal Hair Erina Nakajima/ 1tt0+LIM Makeup Keith Bryant Lee, using Nars