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This New Fashion-Meets-Art Book Says It's Okay To Be Weird

.... and why not?

DJ, party organiser, set designer, decorator, store owner – local creative Bobby Luo has taken on plenty of hats over the years (literally as well), but you’ll probably best know him as the co-founder of ’00s party hotspot Butter Factory.

Bobby Luo as Nefer-Sissy, geddit?

Now add author to his list of hyphenates: Luo is launching his own photo art book, titled Freakdom, that’s based on a personal project he undertook two years ago on Instagram – a different ensemble everyday for a year that “serve as a commentary on art, fashion,politics and contemporary socio-cultural phenomena”.

Now if you’re familiar with Luo – and anyone who’s even mildly interested in the local fashion and clubbing scene would be hard-pressed not to – you’ll know that Luo and his partner Ritz Lim have long been two of Singapore’s most dedicated advocates for dressing however you please, long before camp culture came into the spotlight.

But despite the prominence of camp culture now and all its assorted connotations, the fact is that there are still plenty of folks being marginalised – for being “freaks”, misfits and what have you. Which is where Freakdom might play a role; to let those who have been traditionally outcasted know that, in Luo’s words, it’s okay to be different. And yes, it’s a message that we’re totally on board with.

Freakdom will be launched at Dover Street Market Singapore tonight with a limited-edition run of only 500 copies ($45), alongside a two metre-long tall art installation by Luo that – given his gift for visual theatrics – will surely make for an aesthetic treat. Head down already.