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The 10 Commandments Of Boho Dressing

#1: Thou shall get into a bag lady frame of mind. Flowy skirts/dresses and tentish coats are a good start.
#2: Thou shall channel a little babushka in your layering. Knit dresses and scarf prints will do the trick.
#3: Thou shall know that nothing should ever fit. Clothes are supposed to look like they're borrowed or bought at thrift stores.
#4: Thou must love the "obiang" (read: ugly/outdated) factor.
#5: Thou shall master the "I don't care attitude" - from your facial expression to your dressing to your stance.
#6: Thou must love shapeless dresses.
#7: Thou will accept the polyester tracksuit as your new pantsuit.
#8: Thou shall ditch the skinny jeans.
#9: Thou shall accessorise profusely.
#10: Thou shall master the art of the blunt bangs.
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