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Bottega Veneta's Fall/Winter 2020 Collection Might Be Its Most Instagrammable Yet

Bottega Veneta's Daniel Lee has a proven track record of creating photogenic cult favourites. Here, we round up the most gram-worthy items from the brand's Fall/Winter 2020 collection at Milan Fashion Week.

It’s no secret that Daniel Lee has had a monumental few years. The 34-year-old designer won big at London Fashion Awards last year – designer and brand of the year were two out of the four of his wins – and has quite easily dominated the fashion and street style set’s wardrobes and Instagram feeds.

Bottega Veneta’s Fall/Winter 2020 show was a reiteration of Lee’s creative direction so far – playing up on gram-worthy fan favourites such bags, shoes and of course, versions of the Italian luxury house’s iconic intrecciato weave. And judging by the looks that made their way down the runway this weekend in Milan, Bottega Veneta’s cult favourite list is bound to get a few new additions.

Here, we round up the items and trends we think are going to end up on Instagram feeds (and waitlists) everywhere.


A Fringe Fest
From hemlines to purses, Lee sent a flurry of fringe down the runway – a trend that peppered a few other Fall/Winter 2020 collections as well (see Prada and J.W. Anderson). Bottega Veneta’s take on it, however, was a playful mix of colours and textures that experimented with monochromes, neons, soft leathers and delicate knits. Our personal favourite? The large black foldover clutch that features the house’s original intrecciato motif with all the frills – literally. There’s even an interesting – albeit chunkier – shearling version.   We foresee these frilly delights will make excellent on-the-go (read: street style) content soon enough.   A Fringe Fest
A Fringe Fest
Getting The Boot
No surprises here. Bottega Veneta’s footwear has been a hit with the fashion set in all its variations. This season sees a mash up of reworked fan-favourites and new introductions. While the brand’s familiar quilted high-heeled sandal got a small tweak (curved edges across the toes and ankles with the help of a 3D-printer, to be exact) Lee also threw in a few new candidates into the mix.   Lee sent sleek, cowboy-esque boots down the runway with almost every look. His most interesting footwear proposition, however, was a chunky pair of rubber boots that erred on the side of comical. Funny looks aside, we think these might become a hot favourite on the style circuit anyway. Ugly chic, right? Getting The Boot
The OG Intrecciato Weave
It’s official: the OG intrecciato weave is back. And while we’ve thoroughly enjoyed Lee’s interpretations of the house’s signature motif, this affectionate nod to the past is one for the books (and the bag collection). This shoulder bag in particular might even catch up to the hype surrounding the pouch. The OG Intrecciato Weave
The OG Intrecciato Weave
All Puffed Up
While Bottega’s pre-fall collection had a similar display of outerwear, its Fall/Winter 2020 showing offers a variation from the knee-length, bright blue padded coat. This season, the puffer jacket was more of a puffer vests of sorts – sporting neutral tones and larger weaves. Lee’s styling also brought out its versatility. While one look erred on the side of dressed up and preppy, the other certainly boasts Bottega’s ability to complement streetwear. A soon-to-be-hit on the street style circuit? We think so.     All Puffed Up
Goggles Up
We can’t quite decide if this is a subtle nod to the ’70s or a tongue-in-cheek take on goggles – but this ambiguity is exactly what we’re living for. And while eyewear trends are gruellingly hard to keep up with – mini or maxi, tinted or clear? – these neon and cream tinted babies remain in their own league for now. Goggles Up
Goggles Up