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Burberry Is Super Serious About Being Sustainable

The brand just launched the ReBurberry Edit collection which gives familiar designs an eco-friendly facelift.

Riccardo Tisci and the folk at Burberry are not kidding when it comes to saving the planet. Remember the collaboration with Vivienne Westwood in 2018? That outing saw a part of profits go to Cool Earth, a charity focused on saving the rainforests. The efforts to go green have been revved up more recently.

Cue the Fall/Winter 2020 show at London Fashion Week which was certified carbon neutral and saw the brand taking steps like prioritising electric vehicles and not using air freight. In Feb, the company announced that it will be creating a fund for future carbon insetting initiatives – that means embedding sustainable practices directly into their supply chains – starting with wool producers in Australia.

The ReBurberry Edit collection reimagines 26 designs from the Spring/Summer 2020 collection in innovative materials like Econyl.

So what’s next? Tisci just dropped a capsule collection that reimagines 26 familiar designs from his Spring/Summer 2020 collection using innovative sustainable materials. Called ReBurberry Edit, the co-ed collection includes capes and parkas made from Econyl (nylon made from fishing nets, fabric scraps, and industrial plastic) and sunglasses made from bio-based acetate.

But that is not all. To keep customers more aware of their conscious shopping habits, Burberry is adding pistachio-coloured labels to all of its products which will carry information like the amount of organic cotton or recycled natural fibres used and the kind of ethical work practices offered toa its workers. Now, can we get a round of applause?

Peep the ReBurberry Edit pieces above.

Bio-acetate sunglasses, $360
Econyl tote, $1,250
Econyl crossbody bag
Econyl Cannon belt bag, $1,420
Horseferry Econyl bum bag
Bio-acetate sunglasses, $360
Econyl backpack, $1,750. All prices unavailable unless stated