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Burberry's TB Monogram Just Got Better

The brand releases not one, but three new colourways.

Brown and taupe may be the traditional house colours for Burberry, but for its latest summer collection, chief creative officer Riccardo Tisci is looking on the other side of the colour wheel. The newly-launched TB Summer Monogram collection features the namesake monogram pattern appearing in three new colourways: a bold palette of cobalt blue and orange, a subtle pairing of azure blue and dark beige; and a dark and moody combination graphite and black.

As if these new colours aren’t enough to make a statement, the TB motif featured in the collection’s menswear and womenswear designs is also refreshed in a larger, more graphic scale – taking the monogram out of its typical vintage territory to a more graphic Pop Art realm.

True to its status as a summer collection, the pieces are lightweight and go big on materials like cotton poplin and cotton canvas. And as a commitment to the brand’s vision of being a truly sustainable fashion house, several items are produced using “e-canvas”, a type of environmentally-conscious canvas that require less water and generate less carbon dioxide compared to regular coated canvases.

Above, we show you some of the items to have your eyes on from the debut.

Jacquard, elastolefin-blend and leather platform sandals, $820
Canvas bucket hat, $610
Lola terrycloth shoulder bag, $2,190
Canvas tote, $1,580
Nylon bodysuit, $780
Cotton espadrilles, $660
Polyester-blend bikini, $820
Cotton poplin shirt, $1,420
Sonny canvas bum bag, $1,150
Silk twill pants, $1,650
Cotton hoodie, $1,350