“I’ve always thought of the back as a very elegant part of a woman’s body. My collections are not meant to be sexy, but elegant and feminine with a quiet sensuality, so opening up the back (of clothes) instead of the front is more appealing to me. I’ve also always loved experimenting with different ways of fastening a garment, so my designs are often closed using big or small bows, or drawstring. I think it feels natural to have such details on the back so that the garment looks really simple from the front, but surprises when flipped around. It also makes tying or loosening it feel even more like a ritual, which I’ve always felt promotes an awareness in dressing.

Photography Chuck Reyes, Styling Noey Park

It’s not an approach for the catwalk, but it works really well for Instagram. And when you see the designs in store, you discover the details and twist in the exposed back, which are seldom captured in the runway images. I find this so important because these elements make one want to explore the garment more. I also like the idea of how they give the wearer a sense of mystery. After all, you really can’t judge someone till you see all sides of her.” – as told to Andrea Sim