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Forget Minimal, These Cool, Playful Chain Necklaces Are The Way To Go

From rugged to delicate, here's the neck candy you should be rocking this season.

Contrary to popular belief, chunky necklaces aren’t the only way to bling up an outfit. Though tiers of silver, gold and resin chains blazed the Fall/Winter ’18 runways, the hypebeast’s accessory of choice has since taken a subtler turn that still packs all the punch. Don’t get us wrong though – the streetstyle stars of Spring/Summer 2020 are still rocking all sorts of chunky necklaces, but with a slight twist. Think: thinner chains with over-the-top pendants, three-tier bling and colourful variations of your standard bold choker.

From hardware-esque to dainty, you can choose to go rugged or sweet with our round up of eight chain necklaces to check out above.