chanel two tone shoes

Search For Chanel’s ‘Cinderella’s Slippers’

by Keng Yang Shuen  /   June 23, 2021

An iconic Chanel design, the two-tone shoe makes a grand glittery entrance this season.

Did you know that Chanel’s two-tone slingbacks date back to 1957? With the help of the shoemaker (and one of the brand’s metiers d’art) Massaro, Coco Chanel picked out the beige-and-black combi to flatter any would-be wearer: the lighter hue to optically lengthen the legs while the dark toecap to make feet look more petite.

chanel two tone shoes

Glitter and grosgrain slingback, $1,500

Endowing women with mobility and comfort was a priority so the shoes were kept simple – versatile to go from morning to night – and anchored by stable yet sophisticated heels. Small wonder that the press dubbed the style “Cinderella’s new slipper” when it debuted.

chanel two tone shoes
Credit:Digital Imaging Hisyam A Rahman

Spot the eight Chanel two-tone shoes in this photo.

For Chanel’s Les Chateau des Dames 2021 Metiers d’Art collection, this evergreen number has been given a fittingly glittery finish. Spot the eight – in silver or gold and always with that black toecap (above) – on the feet of the collection’s edgy dames or lying somewhere in the castle they reside in.

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A version of this article first appeared in FEMALE‘s June 2021 Fashion Activity Book