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Not One To Wear Red For CNY? Consider These 5 Other Styling Ideas Instead

Chinese New Year is the best reason for one to go full-on red, since the hue symbolises prosperity, luck and good fortune. In fact, we bet this colour will be omnipresent everywhere and on everyone, especially on the first and second day of the Lunar New Year. If you’re one who hates ubiquity, or if the striking shade is just not up your alley, here are some tips that can help you when you’re planning your outfits for this year’s festivities.

Go for your auspicious colour for the year
According to the feng shui school of thought, putting on your lucky colour(s) for the year is said to help improve your luck, fortune and happiness. So, instead of red, you can get into the festive mood by incorporating a piece (or two) in your auspicious hue based on your zodiac sign. ICYMI, here’s the list: Rat: Sage green and Naples yellow Ox: Azure blue and Fuchsia pink Tiger: Malachite green and Slate grey Rabbit: Indigo and Indian yellow Dragon: Smoke grey (and Cardinal red) Snake: Leek green and Fresh butter yellow Horse: Burnt orange and Silver cloud Goat: Smoke grey and Cerulean blue Monkey: Mayan blue and Orchid pink Rooster: Flamingo pink and Spring green Dog: Suede blue and Indian yellow Pig: Venetian yellow (and Vermillion red) Wear bright hues
If red’s too pedestrian for you during this period, we say try going for radiant and cheery colours instead. Think pink, orange, yellow and even bright blues and greens — they have the same impact as the scarlet hue. But don’t wear them all at once; you don’t want to look like an over-the-top peacock. Pro tip: pair a sunshine yellow maxi number with an emerald green crossbody purse, or stick to one vibrant hue and keep the rest of your ensemble neutral to let that piece steal the show. Black is fine — when paired with colourful accessories
We know wearing black during CNY is a taboo, and more often not, showing up at your relative’s abode in this shade is guaranteed to earn you an hour-long nagging session. But if monochrome has always been your thing and you’re not about to break that style rule, here’s how you can get away with it: bright and bold accessories. How about a pair of statement neon orange tassel earrings? Or a cobalt blue handbag? You can also play around with scarves or throw on a cropped jacket in a brighter shade. Indulge in the Pantone colour of the year
Thankfully, the Pantone colour of the year for 2019 isn’t Fiesta or Jester Red. It’s a vibrant and lively orangey-peach hue called Living Coral, which can be fun to incorporate into your existing wardrobe. Invest in a piece of this shade, but before you impulsively buy something ostentatious (that you probably won’t wear again), consider the product’s versatility before you start splurging. Opt for a printed T-shirt that you can match with your bottoms, or a pleated skirt that you can rework for the office. Or even a pair of earrings that you can foresee yourself reaching for many occasions to come. Denim is a safe bet
Versatile and functional, no one can give you a thumbs down if you choose to wear denim during the festive period. However, before you get a new piece, get clued in on the difference in weights. Naturally, these cotton pieces run from 5 to 16 oz (approximately 142g to 454g), where the lower the number, the softer and more flexible the fabric is, and vice versa. Certain denim — like raw and heavyweight pieces — can be a tad too thick for our unforgiving weather. Keep this in mind and choose lightweight pieces (washed) or mid-weight ones (selvedge) during your next shopping haul.