cindy crawfordWant to be in fashion? You can’t avoid social media

Cindy Crawford (CC): “(It used to be about) the shoot. Now, it’s about everything to support it: the Boomerangs, the Instagrams. It means more work. It also means more of everything – more press backstage, more bloggers – and with that, everything is accelerated… I work that the shelf life of Kaia (her 16-year-old, fast-rising model daughter) is going to be shorter because we use up images faster now. I’m not sure if it’s possible to manage this, but (social media) isn’t going anywhere. We all have to do it. ”

How your watch looks matters more than before

(CC): “I used to always wear a watch – even when I slept – because I’m a very punctual person, and a watch was a necessity. But now we all have our phones, and the watch has become strictly an accessory, so its style and the statement it makes is even more important. Different watches make me feel different, so I like to have a couple (to choose from). I feel more dressed with a watch. My everyday watch is stainless steel with rose gold.”

cindy crawford
The Omega Constellation remains a favourite as she had input in its design in the ’90s, when she became an ambassador.
cindy crawford
Her “basic” watch: the Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Ladies

But stop obsessing over your looks

(CC): “I’m in a job where so much attention is put on how you look. It’s hard. Nothing is where it used to be, and you start noticing changes when you look in the mirror. That’s why I think it’s even more important to develop other areas of your life. For me, it’s about family, children, doing work that I love, and doing charity. Ageing is hard, but if you’re doing other things that make you happy, it makes things easier.”

cindy crawford
Kaia Gerber at Calvin Klein 205W39NYC

Recognise beauty the way fashion did in the ’90s

(CC): “My generation of models wasn’t expected to be size zeros or twos. We could have more relatable, real women’s bodies; we exercised. My daughter is naturally thin, but she’s still growing. In this modern world, every woman should be able to feel beautiful instead of there being only one or two ideals. The whole idea of beauty should evolve to be more inclusive.”

cindy crawford
Kaia Gerber at Saint Laurent S/S’18

Professionalism and personality are still everything in fashion

(CC): “My main advice to my children (Kaia and older brother Presley, both recently also made Omega ambassadors) is to treat whatever they do like a job: be on time, don’t be on their phones, engage with everyone. Otherwise, you miss out on so much… As for being a model, I don’t think it’s something that can be taught. The only advice that I gave Kaia was to bring her personality. The girls on the runway these days have no expression, but people want to see personality. If you love what you’re wearing, you should walk as if it’s the sexiest dress you’ve worn, and want it. That’s the point of the catwalk.”

cindy crawford
Crawford with her model family (from left): daughter Kaia, husband Rande Gerber, and son Presley. Only dad isn’t an Omega ambassador.

This story first appeared in Female’s December 2017 issue. 

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