You love Club21 for its impeccably curated array of designer labels, but did you know that the company also awards scholarships to emerging talents? Named quite simply the Club21 Scholarship, it was started in 2012 to mark the company’s 40th anniversary, and serves as a means to assist fledgling designers in pursuing their aspirations. Below, three things to know about this year’s winner Rukpong Raimaturapong:

#1: He’s won other fashion awards before.


Three years ago, he was picked from a pool of over 140 hopefuls representing 29 different countries to win First Runner-Up in Thailand’s Contemporary Fashion Contest. Subsequently, he represented his country in the regional finals of the Harper’s BAZAAR Asia New Generation Fashion Designer award that took place at Singapore’s Audi Fashion Festival 2014.


#2: He’s got a strong visual eye.

By day, he juggles graphic design and freelances for various Bangkok-based fashion brands including Thai powerhouses such as 4×4 Man (for its Spring 2011 collection), where his works were featured on billboards at Bangkok’s Central World. His idol, as told to local art and design website Actually in an interview, is German graphic designer Otto Aicher, whose works (like the visuals for the 1972 Munich Olympics above) showcase “his sense of proportions, grids, lines, colours and space”.


#3: His designs are a modern take on athleisure.


In his 2015 womenswear collection, titled “Cross Sight” (above), Raimaturapong’s pieces – from long-sleeved dresses, loose-fitting trench coats and sleekly designed slip dresses – bear strong, fluid lines and colours that reference Aicher’s structured designs, and will fit perfectly in a modern woman’s weekend wardrobe.



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