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10 Stylish Items From The Coach 1941 SS19 Collection To Shop For

Your S/S '19 shopping list starts here.

Among the four major Fashion Weeks, New York has always been slapped with labels like safe, commercial and practical. While that may still be true with the establishment, there is a sense of youth, excitement and vigor that’s permeating the work of younger names in that home turf.

You get that influence spilling over at established leather goods house Coach 1941 which we attended last week. From its solid casting of buzz-haired models like Katia Andre, Finn Buchanan, and Mads Mullins to the festival-ready repertoire of fringed leather jackets, oversized knits, and billowy prairie dresses, the collection was one made for the cool kid.

Here, we make a note of the items from the S/S ’19 collection that we’re already eyeing when they hit stores early next year.

#1: The denim vanity bag
#2: The "designer" sneakers
#3: The statement jewellery
#4: The patchwork sweater
#5: The slouchy saloon boots
#6: The artisanal (yeap, it's tumble-finished) knitwear
#7: The understated black bag
#8: The hybrid ballet flats
#9: The Disney merch
#10: The blue-collared vintage bag